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Four Design Ideas for a Bar-Style Kitchen

The modern kitchen is becoming more multi-functional than ever. More homeowners are also utilizing the space for eating, doing homework, or even as a makeshift office. Another old-time trend is a bar-style kitchen, which is a nice addition for wine connoisseurs. Even many non-wine collectors will find the design agreeable. Bar-Style Kitchen Design Schemes 1. Multifunction Counter Consider a countertop with a recessed area in lieu of cabinets. This provides[...]

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Create More Storage Space with Corner Kitchen Cabinets

How can you maximize the function of your kitchen? One section homeowners almost always overlook are the kitchen corners. We can install corner kitchen cabinets in these areas for optimal efficiency. Plus, cabinets smack in a corner is quite funky looking. What to Do with the Corner Space The kitchen corners don’t have to be throwaway space. Some homeowners may improvise by placing small floating shelves. However, we recommend going[...]

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Design Ideas for a Stone-Heavy Bathroom

Homeowners often choose tile or linoleum simply because those have long been the default choice for a bathroom renovation. However, we encourage you to consider other options, such as stone. A stone bathroom has an earthy feel without subtracting from the contemporary or traditional ambiance. Stone Bathroom Design Schemes Stone Sink: If you incorporate stone in any capacity, you’re probably going to consider stone walls. This is certainly an excellent[...]

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Three Design Ideas for Shower-Only Bathrooms

Half-bathrooms, also known as powder rooms, are not uncommon. This is a bathroom with only a sink and a toilet. However, a shower-only bathroom is also a possibility. Granted, this is more atypical, but some homeowners are certainly gravitating toward the idea. Why Shower-Only Bathrooms Make Sense Shower-only bathrooms are especially convenient for households with multiple occupants. The regular bathroom (with the toilet) remains free for others to use while[...]

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