Shower Flooring Options: A Quick Guide for Homeowners

If you’re thinking about a shower or master bathroom remodel, one of the things you’ll have to select is the flooring. Your choice of flooring material will affect not only the appearance of the bathroom but also its safety, maintainability and functionality. In this article, we’ll talk about the top shower floor materials and why to consider them.


Marble is a soft stone that gives off an even softer look. It comes in two types of finishes: polished or glossy and honed or matte. It is characterized by swirls of cream and gray that give any floor an elegant look. The biggest advantage of marble is its natural, timeless and luxurious beauty. It is highly versatile, so it can be cut into different shapes and can match any kind of architectural style. However, it easily scratches and stains, so regular maintenance is required.


Travertine is another popular material used for shower flooring. It comes in polished, honed, chiseled or tumbled finishes. It is a natural stone that boasts earth’s neutral hues: brown, gray, cream and gold. Travertine is known for its unique swirls and veins. It is also popular for its slip-resistant quality. However, it is porous, making sealing travertine an important part of its maintenance.


Porcelain tiles are made of dense clay, making them highly durable and waterproof. Porcelain resists scratches, water and moisture. It is also aesthetically versatile and can be made to look like wood, stone or marble. A problem with porcelain is it needs to be installed with grout, which can be a maintenance problem over time.

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