Create the Kitchen that Houses Your Greatest Memories

Home is where you make memories, entertain others and relax. Our DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen franchises understand the extent of what the term “home” means and are prepared to work with you to create the kitchen that will add functionality and identity to your house.

Beginning with the design to the installation process, DreamMaker experts aim to enhance the quality of your life by working with you to create a kitchen that meets your unique wants and your needs.

As a DreamMaker franchise, the remodeling team in your area operates on a well-established and written Code of Values™ that is expressed through treating customers with absolute respect and demonstrating integrity in all the work they do. No matter what vision you have for your kitchen remodel, DreamMaker will work diligently to ensure the design is yours and that the end result meets your fine quality expectations.

Let us transform your kitchen into one you will want to share with others.

When it comes to kitchens, are you a traditionalist, or do you favor contemporary styles? Or are you somewhere in between? If you aren’t sure, check out each style below and see what you like best. Traditional, Transitional or Contemporary are three distinct styles to think about if you are thinking about remodeling your kitchen.


Project NameThe Streets of San Juan

Location Ann Arbor , Michigan

Project Summary These homeowners approached us with a request to integrate their sunroom into the kitchen space. They had a stunning view of a golf course and pond, and wanted to make it more visible from inside the house. Since the sunroom they wanted to annex was not insulated and was 12” below the level of the […]

Project Category Kitchen Remodeling

Project NameBreathable and New

Location Beaverton, OR

Project Summary Simple solutions made up a majority of this homeowner’s kitchen remodel. What was once a passable yet slightly outdated kitchen was delightfully transformed into an updated conversation piece with wonderful colors, beautiful appliances, and a daringly simple floor plan which allowed for the breathability which the homeowner desperately wanted. For onlookers stepping into this kitchen for the first time, they will notice the striking and eye catching color scheme shown in the contrasting dark cherry cabinets and white river granite countertops with matching floor tiles. It presents warmth, engagement, and invitation. Once you are immersed in its space, you will notice the updated appliances and easy breathing atmosphere.

Project Category Kitchen Remodeling

Design Your Space With the Help of Our Experts.

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