Could Your Kitchen Benefit From a Second Sink?

Out of all the modifications that you can do to your kitchen, a second sink likely ranks low on the list of must-haves. However, a second sink is still a kitchen remodeling decision worth considering, minor or otherwise. DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen can help you determine whether a second kitchen sink is a good idea by considering the following factors.


Will a second sink make cooking and cleaning up around the kitchen easier, or will it just take up extra space? Will it provide a smoother workflow or will it cause a traffic jam? You don’t want to install a second sink if it means you’ll end up with a more cluttered kitchen. Of course, you also need to determine whether your kitchen’s layout and plumbing can handle a second sink.


Improving appearance is always a top priority for most homeowners who remodel, but you also need to consider how these renovation projects will improve your home’s functionality. If adding a second sink will make meal preparation and clean-up more efficient, then it’s the right addition for your kitchen.


When the pros outweigh the cons, you can go ahead and factor in other important elements such as the optimal location for your second sink. If you have a kitchen island, consider installing the sink there since it will make sense layout-wise and won’t interfere with your kitchen routine. No kitchen island? No problem. You can install the second sink right beside the first one for a visually interesting and highly functional double sink feature.

Designing Beautiful Kitchens

DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen offers a wide range of home improvement services that can truly transform your living space, including kitchen cabinet refacing and sink installation. Check out our locations page to find the DreamMaker nearest you and be one step closer to achieving your dream home!

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