Finding the Best Shower Enclosure for Your Needs

Top-notch bathroom contractors will agree that there are a few basic things that you need to look for in a shower enclosure, among them:

  • It must fit your space and match your style.
  • It should have the functions you need.
  • It should accentuate your bathroom and bring out its best features.

While a shower enclosure is defined as one or more panels enclosing a shower area, technically not all shower areas are enclosed. There are a lot of homeowners who opt for open enclosures, i.e. shower areas without any doors.

Enclosure Shapes

Shower enclosures come in three shapes: quadrant, square and rectangle, with doors designed to suit left-handed or right-handed preferences. Some enclosures have a pan at the bottom, while others make use of floor tiles. Different types of glass — including tempered, laminated and coated glass — enclose the shower.

There are several shapes to choose from, depending on the design of your bathroom and your style preferences. Consider these:

  • Quadrant. The most popular choice for average-size homes, quadrants are designed for bathrooms with limited space, and are meant to fit into the corner of a bathroom. The curved frontage lends a bathroom space a modern vibe.
  • Square. For slightly more spacious bathrooms, square showers are the perfect choice for a stylish, modern look. Perfectly square enclosures give you more options for your doors and frames.
  • Rectangle. Got limitless space? Then go big with a rectangular shower enclosure!

Would you rather have a traditional framed enclosure or does a frameless enclosure hold more appeal? The former is more economical and functional, but not big on aesthetics. Frameless enclosures are more suitable in contemporary bathrooms because they allow light to easily pass through for a spacious,  minimalist feel.

Other Things to Consider

When it comes to shower enclosures, the list of options and the choices you can make are practically endless. For instance, you’ll need to determine whether you prefer hinged or sliding doors, or whether you’d rather ditch the shower door altogether and consider using glass blocks instead. If you’ve got the space, you also may want to consider dual entrance shower enclosures.

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