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Design and Wellness Concepts You Should Apply to Your Home

Homeowners usually remodel their living space to increase its appeal and functionality. The features and elements of your home play a significant role in your quality of life. You want to create spaces that make you happy, improve your comfort and make your daily routine easier. (more…)

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Home Remodeling: Why Resale Shouldn’t Be Your Top Priority

There's more to planning a remodeling project than getting a kitchen quote, choosing materials, and hiring contractors. Among the first things you need to do to ensure your remodel's success is to set goals. Besides improving its aesthetic appeal and functionality, revamping your living space can also increase your property's value. However, it shouldn't be the only reason you want to improve your home.   (more…)

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The Basics of a Jack and Jill Bathroom

You will usually find a Jack and Jill bathroom in between two bedrooms. Walls could separate the shower and toilet areas and give users more privacy. What makes it different from conventional bathrooms is it has at least two entrances. (more…)

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Key Things You Need to Know About Transitional Kitchens

Choosing a style is one of the most challenging decisions you will make when planning a kitchen remodel. If you want a mix of traditional and contemporary elements in the heart of your home, you will love a transitional space. You can create an effortlessly appealing kitchen by mixing and matching different materials, colors and finishes. (more…)

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Top 3 Secrets to a Low-Stress Bathroom Remodel

A remodeling project can sometimes feel like a surprise birthday party you know about but didn't want. Every time you're opening a door or turning a corner, you expect people to jump out, cheer, and hit you with confetti. In a large and complicated project like a bathroom remodel, unwelcome surprises are not that uncommon; they're the people waiting for you to turn the corner, confetti cannon in hand. It[...]

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A Kitchen With Character: 3 Ways to Create One

Every person has character, and while it may not always be positive, it's one of the things that make them unique. So why should a kitchen — a space that a person with character inhabits — should be any different? You'll find that a kitchen with character looks more striking and interesting because it's an extension of who you are. But how exactly do you create one? Here are some of the[...]

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A Quick Planning Guide to An All-Season Outdoor Living Space

Is your backyard just there, growing weeds and the occasional wildflower? It would be a shame to not use a sizable backyard, so you should consider having a local home renovator build your outdoor living space. And not just any outdoor living space, but a stylish, all-season one. Here's what you can do to get started.  (more…)

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Top 3 Sources for Kitchen Remodeling Inspiration

Limited design choices tend to disappoint, while too many choices tend to overwhelm. Complex projects like a kitchen renovation fall into the latter category. With so many styles, themes, materials, and color palettes, it may be difficult to work out a kitchen design that speaks to you.   (more…)

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Top 3 Safety and Wellness Trends for Your Next Home Remodel

Aesthetics may be important in home design, but it shouldn't be the sole focus of your remodeling project. Have you considered incorporating safety and wellness design into your project? You'll find that adding a few particular features to your living space can make a positive difference to your health and well-being. Let the trusted accessible remodeling company, DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Beaverton, help you get started.  (more…)

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Wet Rooms, Part 2: Planning and Designing the Space

There are many reasons to love a wet room, which we've covered in Part 1 of our blog series. But if you want to get the most out of the benefits provided by this remodel, you'll want your wet room designed the right way. So before getting that detailed bathroom estimate from your local remodeling contractor, make sure you have all these essentials covered:  (more…)

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