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The Butler’s Pantry: Outdated or Genius?

The butler’s pantry played a central role many decades ago, when it was customary for servants to wait on those of the upper class during meals. The butler’s pantry served as a place to stage the meal, and the storage space for everything that was needed to set the dining table, from linens to candles to fine china and other dinnerware (most of which were family heirlooms).

The question is, do modern homes and kitchens still have a use for a butler’s pantry, or is this feature best left in the past? Kitchen countertop remodel expert DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Charlotte offers some answers.

Butler Not Included

While its origins are rooted in an aristocratic past, a butler’s pantry need not be purely for show. Today, a butler’s pantry can be more than just a storage space for dinnerware. It can also act as a food preparation area for when you’re entertaining guests or having a big get-together, which means that you can hide the mess.

Benefits of a Butler’s Pantry

If you’re still on the fence about having a butler’s pantry in your home and are worried about where to put it, you don’t necessarily have to add a room to your kitchen to make space. An extra closet near the dining area with a countertop nearby makes for a great butler’s pantry. Another good thing about having a butler’s pantry is that you have a separate area for storage, which frees up space in your main kitchen and dining area.

Remodeling Services You Can Afford

Why not include a butler’s pantry in your next budget kitchen renovation? DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Charlotte can help you achieve this beautiful and practical kitchen feature—no butlers required! Call us today at (704) 243-8887 to schedule an appointment and learn more about what we can do for you.

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