Why A “Pinterest House” May Not Be A Home

Pinterest is a treasure trove of decorating tips and tricks. Whether it’s for DIY projects, baking tips or scrapbooking, you’re sure to find something that will pique your interest. It’s not surprising that Pinterest also has some of the best home design prompts on the internet, giving rise to an interesting phenomenon called the “Pinterest House.”

As experienced home improvement contractors, our DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen remodeling professionals have seen their fair share of home design successes and failures. In today’s article, we explore the pros and cons of turning to Pinterest for your home design inspiration, as well as how to know which design hacks will actually work for your home.

How to Spot a Pinterest House

To be clear, there’s nothing wrong with utilizing design tips and tricks from Pinterest. A good number of attempts at copying Pinterest home design actually turn out amazing. So what’s the deal with Pinterest houses, and why should you be wary of them? First off, a Pinterest House is a picture-perfect version of what a house should look like. You’ll know a Pinterest House when you see one—perfectly aligned picture frames on a neutral-colored wall, brass or rose gold accents on faucets and cabinet handles, and those Edison bulbs that burn a lot of electricity.

It’s like stepping into an image of what an ideal home should look like, sans the quirks and practicality that come with a fully functional, real-world home. In short, a Pinterest House is the perfect house, but it’s hardly a home.

All Trend, No Soul

Trends come and go. As much as they are fun to follow for a while, eventually you have to stop and assess whether these design tips resonate with your tastes and preferences. There are ways to incorporate style without completely erasing your personal touch. For a house to become a home, it has to have character and warmth—not just multiple trends lumped together.

Your Dream Home, Realized

Our remodeling professionals have home interior remodeling ideas that aren’t devoid of character and personal touch. Find a DreamMaker location near you and call today to get started creating your own unique remodeling style.

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