How To Design a Kitchen That Ages As Gracefully As You

The idea of accessible remodeling has become invaluable to homeowners who are planning to stay in their forever homes. Indeed, taking on this significant undertaking can help you achieve a space that will age as gracefully as you. In this blog post, DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen shares a few design tips to keep in mind.

Consider the Flow and Layout

Crafting a kitchen that accommodates changing mobility and ensures safety without sacrificing style begins with an intuitive layout. Accessibility should be the cornerstone of the design, providing ease of movement and functionality. Ensuring that the kitchen layout avoids cramped spaces and incorporates wider walkways can significantly impact comfort and safety, particularly for those with mobility aids. The strategic placement of appliances and workstations, following the kitchen triangle principle, can minimize unnecessary movement and promote an ergonomic flow.

Cabinet Convenience

Innovations in cabinetry can transform how we interact with our kitchens. Adjustable and pull-down shelving units make the contents of upper cabinets easily accessible to those of varying heights and physical abilities, eliminating the need for dangerous stretching or stepping on stools. Similarly, drawers are preferable to lower cabinets, as they allow for easy viewing and retrieval of items without bending or squatting.

Smart Appliance Selection

Appliances are more than just mere items listed on a kitchen quote; they are the workhorses of the kitchen, and their selection is crucial in a space designed to age with you. Wall ovens installed at arm’s level eliminate the need to bend down, while cooktops with front controls avoid the need to reach over hot surfaces. Features such as side-opening doors or slide-out shelves can make a significant difference in usability. 

Flooring for Future-Proofing

The choice of flooring in the kitchen is not merely a matter of aesthetics but of safety and comfort. Materials that are slip-resistant yet easy on the joints, like cork or luxury vinyl, are ideal for an age-proof kitchen design. These options also offer the benefit of being low maintenance, making them practical for years to come. DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen places a strong emphasis on selecting the right flooring that supports both the design vision and the practical needs of all household members.

Adaptive Lighting

Good lighting is paramount in a kitchen that ages with you. A mix of task, ambient, and accent lighting ensures every corner of the kitchen is well-lit, reducing strain on the eyes and enhancing safety. Innovations such as under-cabinet lights illuminate workspaces, while smart lighting systems offer the convenience of adjusting brightness or turning off lights automatically. Such thoughtful integration of lighting solutions is part of DreamMaker’s commitment to creating kitchens that cater to your evolving needs.

Let’s Talk About Your Remodel!

2024 is truly an exciting time for homeowners considering remodeling, and DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen is here to help turn your vision into reality. If you’re searching online for a “contractor near me” for your kitchen renovation plans, DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen has got you covered. Our remodeling team is committed to providing the highest quality workmanship and customer service in every project. To get in touch with an experienced kitchen contractor, use our “Location Finder” to get in contact with the closest DreamMaker team to you.

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