Common Bathroom Layout Mistakes to Avoid

Whether you are living in your forever home or planning to sell your home in the future, you can benefit from a bathroom remodel. It can help you maximize storage, improve the room’s energy efficiency and boost its appeal. Even minor upgrades to your bathroom can give you a significant return on investment.

Here are some of the most common bathroom layout mistakes you should avoid.

Wrong Size of Fixtures

It’s not enough that your shower, tub, sink and toilet fit in one space. You need to make sure that their placement is well-thought-out and all the fixtures complement each other. For instance, the medicine cabinet above the vanity should be the width of your vanity and no smaller.

Always double-check measurements before adding or changing a feature in your bathroom. There should still be sufficient space to walk around the fixtures and clean.

Poor Storage Planning

Consider how you will use your space when it comes to storage. Eye-level storage is preferable. You can opt for a mirror recessed into the wall that comes with an internal power source and a cabinet where you can store essentials. The drawers of your vanity should include different depths. Shallow compartments with dividers can be used for makeup and skincare, with deeper drawers for towels and taller toiletries.

Lack of Accessibility Features

Experienced bathroom contractors know how to make a space accessible to everyone. They can install features such as grab bars, non-slip floors, wider doors, a shower bench and a single-lever faucet. The toilet, shower and tub should have proper spacing. If you have a larger bathroom, consider dividing it into several zones for the vanity, toilet, shower and bath.

Insufficient Lighting

There are four kinds of lighting to consider for your bathroom. First is task lighting for grooming; second is ambient light to create a mood; third is accent light to create a focal point and the last is natural light, such as windows or skylights. With enough lighting, your bathroom will feel warm and welcoming.

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