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A Kitchen With Character: 3 Ways to Create One

Every person has character, and while it may not always be positive, it's one of the things that make them unique. So why should a kitchen — a space that a person with character inhabits — should be any different? You'll find that a kitchen with character looks more striking and interesting because it's an extension of who you are. But how exactly do you create one? Here are some of the[...]

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Top 3 Sources for Kitchen Remodeling Inspiration

Limited design choices tend to disappoint, while too many choices tend to overwhelm. Complex projects like a kitchen renovation fall into the latter category. With so many styles, themes, materials, and color palettes, it may be difficult to work out a kitchen design that speaks to you.   (more…)

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Tips for Designing a Beautiful Cottage-Style Kitchen

The ideal kitchen design should be functional and beautiful. With the cottage-style look, you can achieve both and more. This particular aesthetic focuses on carefree living and creates a casual environment for relaxation. It's a natural and calming design that elevates the look and feel of any kitchen.  (more…)

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Adding More Colors to Your Summer Kitchen Redo

An all-white kitchen design remains a popular trend among homeowners because of its elegant and timeless appeal. Even so, picking this style will have your space looking the same as the others. With the right choice of color palette, you can achieve a unique kitchen that's inviting and has more personality than ever.  (more…)

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Tips for Politely Declining a Bid From a Kitchen Remodeler

After interviewing multiple contractors and getting a kitchen quote from each one of them, you'll have to make a decision. It might seem a little insensitive to just dismiss the offer of the other candidates, especially after they put in the time and effort to submit a bid. But how do you exactly inform a contractor that you will not be hiring them?  (more…)

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The Do’s & Don’ts of Planning a Kitchen Layout

The kitchen is more than just a place to prepare food - it is now a spot where the whole family can eat together as well as a hub for entertaining guests. If you are planning to give this space a makeover, you'll want it to be as inviting, stylish, functional and efficient as possible. It all starts with the right layout.  (more…)

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U-Shaped Kitchens: The Pros & Cons

Every decision you make during a remodeling project will impact its result. One of the most crucial things to consider is the layout, especially when it comes to your kitchen. Your kitchen layout significantly affects the room's aesthetic, functionality and efficiency. A trustworthy remodeler can help you create a space that matches your requirements and provide you with a kitchen quote.  (more…)

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Color Blocking: How to Incorporate It in Your Kitchen

Color blocking gives spaces just the right amount of boldness. Over the years, it has become a popular home interior trend, mainly due to the technique’s ability to give living spaces more life, dimension and impact. It's something you should consider for your kitchen if you want it to stand out.  (more…)

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The Basics of Designing a Contemporary Kitchen

Contemporary kitchens typically have a simple design consisting of clean lines and geometric shapes. Even the cabinets, molding and embellishments are modest and uncomplicated. With regards to materials, slate, granite and wood will likely be recommended by your home renovator. These natural materials add warmth to the space, making a contemporary kitchen seem more inviting and homey.  (more…)

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The 3 Best Kitchen Flooring Options

Kitchen flooring has a big role to play: it needs to withstand a ton of foot traffic and take on spills and stains without any worries. Your kitchen floor also needs to be beautiful since it will significantly affect your kitchen’s appearance. The flooring sets the tone of the kitchen and will influence every other part of your kitchen design. In this post, a top home renovator in the area, DreamMaker Bath[...]

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