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The Best Locations for a Home Office

The demand for home offices continues to increase as more and more people are shifting to a permanent work-from-home setup. Having a workspace that’s separate from your living space can enhance your productivity and keep your work life distinct from your personal life. (more…)

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How to Avoid Decision Fatigue During a Home Remodel

Renovations require careful planning — from locating and hiring a reputable contractor to purchasing materials and achieving your desired look. It can be overwhelming even if you have a clear vision of your ideal space.  (more…)

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Get the Look: The Mid-Century Modern Kitchen

As the heart of your home, your kitchen must be functional, stylish and versatile. Fortunately, there is a design approach that seamlessly blends all these qualities: the mid-century modern style. Mid-century modern style rose to popularity in the 1940s. Considered timeless, it is chosen by homeowners because it allows more creative freedom than traditional style. (more…)

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Choosing the Right Bathroom Sink

Some homeowners simply go with the most aesthetically pleasing option when choosing home features. However, when it comes to your bathroom sink, form and function should be equally prioritized. Read on to get tips on finding the perfect sink for your bathroom! (more…)

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How to Build the Ultimate Outdoor Theater

Maximize your outdoor space by using the area to host get-togethers or other fun activities. If you want to enjoy an evening at the movies, why not set up an outdoor theater in the comfort of your home? After all, movie nights at home are safer, more convenient and more affordable too. Fortunately, there are multiple ways to build a theater in your backyard. Here are some tips from a[...]

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Design Tips for Multi-Generational Homes

In the U.S., multi-generational households are not uncommon even though living with extended family isn’t always considered ideal. This kind of living arrangement offers several advantages. For example, it enables families to care for older adults who wish to age in place. Thanks to accessible remodeling, older loved ones can keep their privacy and independence even when they are living in a large household. (more…)

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How to Create Continuity in a Whole-Home Remodel

To keep your home from looking haphazardly designed or overly themed, you must be conscious of design continuity. Continuity means there is a cohesive look across your home. It ensures that all rooms have consistent design but do not look too similar. If you fail to create continuity throughout your home, your indoor spaces will seem like they have no sense of direction. (more…)

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How to Build Rapport With Your Remodeler

For good relationships, maintaining a level of trust and communication is mandatory. This is the foundation of every successful marriage and lasting friendship. Similarly, when it comes to working with a design-build team to renovate your home, a strong relationship is built on transparency, communication and accountability. (more…)

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Common Myths About Mobility Remodeling, Debunked

More adults are choosing to “age in place." However, they may have concerns about getting around the house and engaging in common household activities. If you’re planning on making changes to better accommodate family members who are choosing to age in place, it’s important to first weed out misinformation about mobility remodeling. (more…)

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How to Open Up a Traditional Floor Plan

There’s a certain charm to old homes that draws people in, from the distinct style to the intricate detailing and cozy spaces. However, a lot of old homes are divided into small spaces that are not easy to adapt to a modern way of living. Home remodeler DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Beaverton shares tips on how you can open up a traditional floor plan. (more…)

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