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Red Flags to Watch Out for When Choosing a Remodeler

A good home remodeling contractor is your partner in designing and building the home improvement project that you want. If you hire the right contractor for the job and plan the work properly, you’ll find success with whatever project you decide to tackle. But if you hire the wrong contractor, you’re taking a risk that might lead to plenty of problems along the way. (more…)

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What to Expect During a Granite Countertop Installation

Granite is a popular countertop choice for many homeowners because of its high-end appearance, excellent heat and impact resistance, and low upkeep requirements. While it’s more expensive than many other countertop materials, its premium look and performance make granite a worthwhile addition to any bathroom or kitchen remodeling project. (more…)

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What You Need to Know About Your Remodeling Project Manager

Any home remodeling job becomes easier when you have a team of professionals working to help you achieve success. If this is your first time taking on a project of this magnitude, it’s good to know what to expect from and how to work with your project manager. Besides overseeing your remodel, a good project manager will spare you a lot of stress and help ensure a positive overall remodeling[...]

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4 Tips to Help You Survive a Whole-House Remodel

A whole-house remodel is a great way to update your home in one fell swoop. It’s also one of the most complicated types of remodeling projects. Given its scope, a whole-house remodel can be particularly time-consuming and stressful. Fortunately, there are a few proven ways to ensure success while protecting yourself from physical, mental and emotional exhaustion. (more…)

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The Value of Teamwork When Making Home Remodeling Decisions

The saying “teamwork makes the dream work” rings especially true when it comes to home remodeling, and we don’t just mean the teamwork between client and remodeler! Having all the members of your household be active participants in planning your remodel ensures a smoother process from start to finish, not to mention more satisfactory results. (more…)

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3 Common Open Floor Plan Design Mistakes to Watch Out For

Choosing an open floor plan for your interior remodeling project has several advantages. Since an open floor plan doesn’t have interior walls, air and sunlight can flow freely throughout, creating the illusion of an even larger space. However, certain mistakes can detract from an open floor plan. Make sure you avoid them to ensure the best results with your open floor plan. (more…)

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What to Record in Your Remodeling Journal

Managing your home remodeling project can be a bit of a challenge. Fortunately, keeping tabs on your home renovation doesn’t need to be tedious. With a remodeling journal, you can easily monitor the progress of your project. What are the details that should be included in a remodeling journal?  (more…)

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How We Provide a Positive Remodeling Experience

At DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen, we believe that treating everyone with respect and integrity is paramount. That’s why we adhere to our Code of Values™. These values fuel our philosophy and our customers can feel the difference. Here are some of the things we do to provide a positive experience for our customers. (more…)

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Reduce Your Carbon Footprint With These Flooring Options

A home remodeling project allows you to make adjustments to your home to better suit your lifestyle. It’s also a chance to reduce your carbon footprint. Here are some flooring options that are kinder to the environment: (more…)

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Mobility Adjustments for Stairs

Whether you intend to stay in your home for life or have elderly loved ones living with you, making adjustments to stairs is a wise interior remodeling project. As a person gets older, independence and mobility can be challenged by chronic pain, lack of flexibility and poor eyesight. The National Council on Aging reports that every year, one out of every four 65-and-older Americans suffers a fall, and stairs are[...]

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