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At DreamMaker, we work hard to provide an exceptional experience for each of our clients that pursues a remodeling project with us. As we regularly evaluate and measure our performance, client reviews provide the necessary feedback that both encourage our team in the things we are doing well and forces us to address the things that need tweaked. We welcome reviews via Guild Quality, a third party review company, Google, Facebook and on our website. If you are an existing client, thank you for being a part of our ongoing mission. If you are just researching us for the first time, we hope the reviews below offer you a better understanding of the DreamMaker experience.


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DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Tyler
Review Quote Jan 25, 2020
I would like to recognize Mike ,for his craftsmanship and patience. Roger, for making what I thought would be a complicated process seem so easy, and Linda for helping steer my wife in the design choices. Such a great team. Everything they promised and we expected was done to our satisfaction.
- Bob P. | Flint, 48
Review Quote Nov 12, 2019
\"They did a fantastic job with my kitchen. I go into my kitchen and can\'t believe it is mine. They were fabulous to work with and I recommended them to all my friends. I was apprehensive to start but I loved the team.\" \"I would like to recognize Mike, Roger & Linda. The electrician was great. They all did a fantastic Job.\"
- Max & Lori A. | Brownsboro, TX
Review Quote Oct 28, 2019
Roger, Linda, and Mike. Thank you three for the best experience during a stressful remodel :) I will most certainly choose this company again if I do have needs.
- Zane V. | Tyler, TX
Review Quote Oct 21, 2019
Mike was the right carpenter for our kitchen renovation. He did an outstanding job. When I bragged on his work he told me that he was working hard to make us happy. He communicated well with us and was always willing to change something if we requested it. My wife is thrilled with her new kitchen! I recommend him highly!! He's the best!!
- Max A. | Brownsboro, TX
Review Quote Aug 13, 2019
DreamMaker made our experience easier than expected. They did not fall short of my expectations. We will use them again for additional remodeling in the future. Mike did wonderful tile work and was very respectful to us and our home.
- Scott & Rene T. | Bullard, TX
Review Quote Jul 18, 2019
DreamMaker Bath & Kitchens Design Center made the selection process easy. They offered many selections of colors for our new onyx shower.
- Blake & Mary C. | Flint, TX
Review Quote Jun 19, 2019
DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Tyler made our bathroom remodel a very pleasant experience. They were professional and well organized. I would like to recognize Mike Smith, their lead carpenter, for doing an exceptional job for us. I would recommend using DreamMaker to all my friends.
- Randy & Barbara K. | Athens, TX
Review Quote Apr 29, 2019
DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Tyler made the process of remodeling our kitchen much easier than I expected. They were organized and professional. They did our outdoor kitchen last year and did a great job. This is why we went with them for our indoor kitchen. I would recommend them to any of my friends.
- Don & Wendy S. | Frankston, TX
Review Quote Feb 6, 2019
DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen met all our expectations remodeling our kitchen and two baths. Their work was professional and they met all timelines. we are completely satisfied and are enjoying our home. Roger, Linda and Mike were all easy to communicate with and we are very pleased with all their work.
- WT & Theresa J. | Bullard, TX
Review Quote Jan 17, 2019
My experience with DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Tyler was easier than I expected. I would highly recommend them. They helped design our outdoor kitchen and did a great job making the design come to life.
- Don S. | Frankston, TX
Review Quote Nov 27, 2018
The owners/operators of DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen were very accommodating. They are honest and reliable.
- Mike & Florence C. | Rusk, TX
Review Quote Nov 22, 2018
Dreammaker Bath & Kitchen of Tyler is organized and professional. They made the selections process easy. I would recommend them to anyone looking to remodel their home.
- Craig & MaryAnn H. | Bullard, TX
Review Quote Oct 29, 2018
“Linda and Roger made the process of getting this project done go smoothly despite any obstacles. They were a pleasure to work with and kept close watch on all subcontractors. We love the fit and feel of our new kitchen. This remodel made an area of our home that was too small to function into a very nice place to enjoy cooking and have family meals.”
- Renee K. | Flint, TX
Review Quote Oct 26, 2018
Beautiful work, excellent customer service
- Mario M. | Tyler, TX
Review Quote Sep 20, 2018
I am very pleased with the way you solved the problem of the sheetrock not merging with the shower walls and the tile not merging with the floor of the shower. Everything looks wonderful! Thanks to both you and Linda for all the help you gave me in picking out the accessories and for all your hard work in making sure I would be happy with the final product. Without a doubt, Roger, I have never had a workman in my house that kept everything a clean as you did from beginning to end of the project. It has been a pleasure getting to know both of you.
- Florence C. | Jacksonville, TX
Review Quote Sep 17, 2018
I would highly recommend DreamMaker of Tyler to any of my friends. Overall my experience has been better than expected.
- Leslie & Donna G. | Tyler, TX
Review Quote Aug 29, 2018
I am very satisfied with Roger\'s professionalism and communication. I felt comfortable and informed throughout the project. I intend to use this Company in the future for any home renovation work
- Nick G. | Tyler, TX
Review Quote Aug 5, 2018
I would like to recognize Roger & Linda Williams for their exceptional service on our boat house project.
- Nancy O. | Flint, TX
Review Quote Jul 15, 2018
Ya\'ll do a beautiful job!
- Sandra R. | Whitehouse, TX
Review Quote Jul 9, 2018
Roger is easy to work with and talk to and he delivers quality work.
- Greg W. | Tyler, TX
Review Quote May 15, 2018
I love my bathroom! I would like to recognize Roger, Linda and the tile guy on their exceptional service.
- David & Gail H. | Mineola, TX

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