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5 Difficult Things to Accept About Kitchen Remodeling

A kitchen remodeling project gives you the opportunity to revamp your cooking space and breathe new life into it. However, there are some things that you have to keep in mind about your remodeling projects that may be difficult to accept. Try to think of this as a way to talk to your local kitchen remodelers to discuss your concerns in detail. (more…)

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5 Ideas for Your Home’s Flex Room

Homeowners who are fortunate enough to have a flex room have a great opportunity to design a space to fit their needs, whether it’s for recreation, privacy or work purposes. In today’s post, your home renovations experts at DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Huntsville share five ideas to utilize a flex room. (more…)

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The Best Flooring Options for Safety & Mobility

If you are updating your home to better serve your changing needs, one of the most important areas to prioritize is your flooring. It's not uncommon for adults age 65 or older to fall and experience broken bones or head injuries. To reduce such hazards, make safe flooring choices during your home remodeling project. Here are some of the best flooring options to consider. (more…)

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2020’s Top Trends for Kitchen & Bathroom Hardware

Updating your kitchen or bathroom doesn't always have to be a big project. You can opt for small changes and still make a huge difference in the design of the space. Even the smaller details can give you great satisfaction. (more…)

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How to Make a Windowless Room Work

It's easy to imagine a dark, cramped space when you think about a windowless room. But thanks to some design hacks, you can brighten up a windowless room and make it look airy and inviting. Interior remodeling contractor DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Huntsville shares five tricks to make a windowless room work for you. (more…)

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Top 4 Small Bedroom Design Rules

Compared to kitchens and bathrooms, bedrooms are fairly simple: the main thing you want is a space that provides sufficient storage and allows you to relax in comfort. The first part is where it can get a little tricky: many homeowners have to work with limited square footage. If addition or expansion isn’t an option for your project, we’ve got ways to help you maximize your space and inject life[...]

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Major Remodeling Mistakes You Need to Avoid

It’s a given that you’ll need to do a bit of research before starting a home remodeling project. In addition to the features that can help increase your return on investment, it’s a good idea to understand some of the common remodeling mistakes you should avoid, reducing the risks of project delays. (more…)

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Tips on Designing Your Own Forever Home

Thanks to universal design principles, you can now build a “forever home” that evolves with your needs throughout the stages of life. If you are planning a home remodel, it makes sense to tackle this endeavor right now—the AARP states that 87% of adults over the age of 65 want to stay in their homes and communities as they age. (more…)

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What’s the Best Reason to Remodel Your Home?

Homeowners remodel their homes for a number of different reasons. In fact, there are probably as many reasons to remodel as there are homeowners! Whatever your motivations are for signing up for this project, your remodeler should be able to make you feel heard and turn your vision into reality. Here are some of the main reasons people take the plunge. (more…)

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