5 Ideas for Your Home’s Flex Room

Homeowners who are fortunate enough to have a flex room have a great opportunity to design a space to fit their needs, whether it’s for recreation, privacy or work purposes. In today’s post, your home renovations experts at DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Huntsville share five ideas to utilize a flex room.

What Is a Flex Room?

A flex room is a space in your home that can be used for different purposes. Home interior designers build these spaces to fit a homeowner’s evolving interests, needs and lifestyle. Some examples of flex rooms include:

  1. Hobby room. Nothing makes a homeowner more excited than having a space dedicated solely to their passion. Whether you are a painter, a collector or a fitness enthusiast, the possibilities are endless when creating a hobby room.

  2. Office or study area. With most offices and schools opting to use the internet, the demand for an exclusive work or study space has never been greater. You’ll find out that you have greater focus in a space that’s exclusively built for that purpose.

  3. Entertainment room. This is the perfect place to have fun with your family by incorporating a billiard table, video game setups or even a private movie theater. Having an entertainment room also allows you to have a dedicated gathering area whenever you have friends coming over to your place.

  4. Children’s playroom. Tripping over toys in your main living room? Give your little ones their own space by converting your flex room into a playroom. You can add safety mats or cushions to make the room safer.

  5. Large walk-in closet. Do you love fashion but lack space for all your clothes and accessories? Turn your flex room into the ultimate walk-in closet! You can add small hooks to hang your hats, scarves and other accessories. Add floating shelves or drawers to keep your purses and shoes in order.

Overall, the possibilities are limitless when it comes to using your flex room. All you have to do is customize it to fit your current needs and wants.

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