Carpet vs. Hardwood: A Brief Comparison

Carpet versus hardwood is one of the oldest arguments when it comes to flooring. These materials are both very popular, but also very different from one another. If you’re thinking about a home remodeling project, this comparison can help you decide between carpet and hardwood flooring.


If you’re looking for variety in terms of texture, feel and color, carpet offers more choices. However, there are also many varieties of wood. Wood has enjoyed lasting popularity because of its beauty. Wood colors and patterns vary depending on the species of the wood you choose. Hardwood has higher-end appeal when compared to carpet.

Resistance to Moisture & Heat

While older types of carpet did not wear well, new synthetic fibers are now more resistant to moisture and wear. However, carpet is not recommended for areas where water is present, such as in bathrooms and kitchens. If water soaks into the backing layer or the subfloor underneath, mold growth can occur. Heat is another enemy of carpets, another reason it’s not a good option for kitchens.

If you’re quick to wipe up any spills, hardwood is fine for a kitchen. Remember, however, that moisture makes wood expand and can also cause it to rot. Intense heat can damage wood, leaving marks. However, you can probably sand out and refinish areas where there is only small damage.


It’s generally simple to clean carpet and hardwood floors. For carpets, frequent vacuuming should keep it clean. Hire a professional to deep-clean your carpet now and then. As for wood, simple sweeping and vacuuming should remove most types of dirt. You can also use a damp mop to remove stains. For either floor type, do not let stains and liquids remain for a long time as this will make them harder to remove and they may become permanent.

Hardwood is better if you’re looking for longevity, especially if you choose a high-end type of hardwood. You can have your old hardwood floor sanded and refinished to make it look new again.


Though carpet might look simple enough to install, the truth is it involves a lot of work, starting with an underlayment pad that is attached using staples and tack strips for the edges of the room. Then the carpet is rolled out, stretched and attached. Attachment is done by hooking it to the tack strips. Special tools are required to stretch out a carpet and then trim it to achieve a precise fit.

Hardwood floors of old took more time to install because individual boards were attached and nailed to joists. However, modern hardwood flooring is often prefinished. There is plenty of room for an inexperienced DIY-er to make mistakes and ruin a new hardwood floor, so this job is best left to a professional.

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