6 Ways to Spruce Up Basic White Subway Tile

White subway tiles are one of those materials that are unlikely to go out of style thanks to their timeless appeal. Using them in your kitchen remodeling project will give your space a clean, classy look. Adding some accents is a great way to further elevate these tiles. Read on to discover ways to make basic white subway tile more exciting! 

Add a Border

Subway tiles come in a wide range of colors, shapes and sizes. You can give the tiles some contrast by adding an inset border. If you want, you can use a different material for it. 

Utilize Trim Pieces

Most tile jobs look more finished and tailored with the installation of trim pieces. Make sure the visible edges appear and feel finished. These small details can make a huge difference in your space. 

Use a Different Finish

Add variety by choosing a different finish for your tiles. For instance, hand-glazed and hand-cut zellige tiles can give your space an old-school touch even if your home is newly built. 

Run Them Vertically

Conventional subway tiles usually measure 3×6 inches and are installed horizontally. However, there are other options for tile placement. For instance, an elongated tile installed in a vertical direction will make a room feel taller than it actually is. 

Mix & Match Shapes

Sometimes, variability is a good thing. You can mix and match different subway tile shapes for a more distinct look. A geometric-inspired style is great for modern homes. 

Pair Them With Wood

Make your bathroom or kitchen feel warmer and more inviting by pairing subway tiles with wood. You can decorate your space with some greens or consider green cabinets if you prefer a rustic look. 

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