What Is Overimproving & How Can You Avoid It?

Home renovations are great for boosting the appeal and overall value of your property. They can also help make your indoor spaces more beautiful and functional. However, too much improving can do more harm than good. Keep on reading to learn what over-improving is and how to prevent it.

What Is Over-Improving?

Over-improving refers to investing more in improvements than you can recoup when you sell your home. Many factors can affect the cost of your property, including its location, square footage and nearby comparable sales. Even if you splurge on high-end materials, a lot of upgrades will add very little to your home’s value if it’s not in a great location. 

How to Avoid It

  • Think of how long you’re planning to stay in the house. There’s nothing wrong with over-improving if you’re living in your forever home and doing upgrades to meet your own needs. However, if you’re planning to sell your property in the future, think twice about excessively remodeling. Do only necessary home renovations if you’re not planning on staying in the house long-term. 
  • Consider improvements that will boost your home’s value. Before remodeling your home, consider upgrades that will make the most of your investment. Some projects that give a high return on investment include replacing old windows with energy-efficient units, landscape improvements, remodeling a master bathroom and upgrading the kitchen. 
  • Don’t forget about your yard. Potential buyers also consider how the yard looks and how big it is when assessing properties. Make sure that your improvements are not taking up too much of your yard. 
  • Go for timeless upgrades. Again, you can do highly personalized renovations if you’re living in your permanent home. If not, remember that today’s popular trends may look outdated in a few years. Choose timeless upgrades, colors and styles that age well. 
  • Choose renovations that you can easily repair or replace. When choosing materials, don’t forget to consider whether you can replace or repair them if they get broken. While the unique tile you’re eyeing may look really beautiful, it may not be easy to find a replacement if it suffers damage.

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