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Give Your Kitchen a 1950s Makeover

The 1950s evoke a lot of images, such as jukeboxes, poodle skirts, and the greaser look. Since this era is so noteworthy in American history, why not incorporate a 1950s kitchen makeover? Take this part of your room back in time to an iconic period. Stylish 1950s Kitchen Makeover Ideas Use Bright Colors: Neutral colors are the safe and popular choice. However, bright colors were the norm in a 1950s kitchen.[...]

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Dining Table or Kitchen Island? Which Should You Choose?

Both a dining table and kitchen island are useful for kitchens large enough to accommodate either one. With that in mind, which is the better option? We’ll weigh the pros and cons to help you make a decision when renovating your kitchen space. Dining Table Vs. Kitchen Island In our experience, homeowners tend to lean towards a kitchen island. While more expensive, they find it to be a more functional investment. After all, with[...]

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Be a Part of Our Huntsville Open House Event

All Huntsville residents and visitors from surrounding cities are cordially invited to our Design Studio grand opening. This is a Huntsville open house event for homeowners and business owners contemplating any degree of renovation. We invite you to visit our studio. Location: 2340 Pansy Street, Huntsville, AL. Date: Tuesday, May 8 Time: 10:00am – 6:00pm The open house begins with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. We would be delighted to see prospective customers and past[...]

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Four Powder Room Design Ideas

A powder room is a great addition, especially for homeowners who frequently invite guests over. Never heard of a powder room? This is essentially the same as a half bathroom, or a bathroom with only a toilet and vanity. We’ll explain some great design schemes for beautifying this miniature room. The Upside of a Powder Room When decorating a powder room, you have more leeway than a traditional bathroom. This is because the[...]

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