Making a Bathroom Child-Friendly

Kids spent a lot of time in the bathroom washing hands, brushing teeth, bathing and having playtime in the tub. It’s a versatile space that serves a lot of purposes. However, because kids grow up so fast, it’s in your best interest to pick durable, easy-clean and quick-detach features that still allow for safety and convenience.

In today’s post, your bathroom remodel experts at DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Huntsville share remodeling tips to help make your bathroom child-friendly.

  1. Transitioning toilets. Consider getting a toilet seat that can transition from potty training to adulthood. You can start with detachable potty trainers. Once they grow a little bit bigger and are ready for the big leagues, you can add a small step for them to reach the seat. Also, a quiet-closing toilet seat reduces the danger of pinched fingers.

  2. More storage space. Kids’ stuff can easily take over the whole tub and counter space. Make sure that you allocate enough storage in a stowaway area. Oversized, deep tub niches are a great place to put toys and bottles.

  3. Child-friendly handles. Sometimes, it can be difficult for kids to figure out how to use the different handles in a bathroom, which can lead to damage. During your next bathroom renovation project, we recommend using D-handle drawer pulls and levers since they’re easier for small hands to operate compared to knobs. Also, it’s a good idea to add low-hanging towel rings for drying hands.

  4. Right-height work area. Children often struggle trying to get to the countertop or trying to reach the faucet. When planning a remodel, consider lowering your vanity countertop to a height that is accessible for them yet comfortable for you, without having to bend. Another long-term alternative is having a lift-out step from the vanity drawer so that they can reach the countertop comfortably.

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