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Dreammaker Remodeling Tips

What NOT to Expect When Working with DreamMaker

Your choice of remodeling contractor is crucial. If you want to ensure a successful, stress-free experience, just turn to Dreammaker Bath & Kitchen of East Georgia. As one of the leading sources for high-quality remodeling solutions in the area, we aim for superior craftsmanship and ethical excellence. (more…)

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What’s on Your Kitchen Remodeling Wish List?

The holidays are here and, soon enough, your home will be filled with family members and friends. You will be knee-deep in preparing meals, wrapping presents and making other arrangements. Is your kitchen ready for the holiday rush? Does it look welcoming and well-organized? (more…)

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3 Bathroom Considerations for Holiday Houseguests

The holidays are upon us! If you’re having friends and family over during the coming weeks, no doubt you’ll want to clean your house from top to bottom, and perhaps even think about investing in some remodeling. If you plan ahead, it’s even possible to do a simple makeover of your home, including the bathroom. The guest bathroom is a popular space to work on right before the holidays, mainly[...]

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How We Live Out the DreamMaker® Code of Values™

Since 1975, DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen has been providing homeowners with top-of-the-line bathroom and remodeling solutions. The company continued to expand in the 80s and 90s, introducing more comprehensive services with a focus on enhancing the overall customer experience. Today, DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen is a leading bath and kitchen remodeling contractor across the country, offering full-service interior renovations. (more…)

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Exploring the Differences Between Contemporary, Transitional

Your kitchen’s long been overdue for an update and you’re ready to move forward with a remodel. But with many different kitchen styles to consider, deciding on the one style that appeals to you most can pose a bit of a problem. If you’re on the fence about which style best suits your home and personal tastes, don’t fret. Let’s walk through the characteristics of the three most common styles.[...]

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Ideas to Take Your Guest Bathroom to the Next Level

When we think of bathroom remodeling, the first thing that often comes to mind is creating a high-end master suite. But that shouldn’t mean you forget about the guest bathroom. A few simple tweaks can turn your guest bathroom into a well-thought-out space that your family and friends can enjoy. If you’re considering an upgrade to take your guest bathroom design to the next level, here’s a list of tips[...]

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DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen: A Tradition of Innovation

If you’re searching for reliable kitchen remodeling contractors, look no further. When it comes to remodeling, you need a contractor you can trust, one that has years of experience and an excellent reputation. That contractor is DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of East Georgia, a company takes each client’s wishes to heart with a full-service remodeling approach. (more…)

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Bathroom Sink
Here to Help Update Your Bathroom

A bathroom remodel can turn a drab space into a perfect, calming oasis. An effective redesign from DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen can also improve your home’s value, add storage, create added functionality, and increase space. We understand that the numerous options available for a makeover project can be overwhelming. We’ve created these questions to assist you in getting the most out of your bathroom remodel. Which bathroom should I choose?[...]

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Bathroom Upgrades
Hardware For Your Cabinets

As a homeowner, you know just how important it is to take care of the bathrooms in your home. After all, they see more traffic than most other parts of your house and are absolutely essential to your daily life. But when is the right time to update your bathroom? There are several factors to consider. Here are four ways to tell if it’s time to call your contractor. 1.[...]

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Cabinet Hardware
Beautiful Granite Countertops

Whether you’ve been updating your kitchen or bathroom, now that you’ve found the perfect cabinets it’s time to select the right hardware to match. It can be easy to overlook this important aspect of designing your space, but these relatively small details are actually quite important. While seemingly invisible, the right cabinet knobs and drawer pulls tie your design together. Don’t go with just any old cabinet hardware, find what[...]

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