Tips for Designing a Kitchen That Evolves With You

The kitchen is the heart of your home for a reason. It’s where you cook, create memories and bond with your loved ones. This room shouldn’t just be aesthetically pleasing. Your kitchen should remain functional, safe and comfortable through various phases of your life. 

Design a kitchen that evolves with you using these tips from a local accessible remodeling expert. 

Embrace Accessibility Without Compromising Style

You don’t have to sacrifice style to make your kitchen more accessible. Modern solutions like pullout pantries, lower cabinet drawers and adjustable-height counters can fit seamlessly and beautifully into your space’s existing design. Pull-down shelving, lower-mounter appliances, and D-shaped handles are also other accessible features to consider for your kitchen. 

Plan the Layout Carefully

The layout of your kitchen can make or break its functionality and safety. Experts recommend keeping the sink and stove close to each other. It can minimize the need to carry heavy pots across the room. Having your refrigerator near these areas can also make meal preparation and cooking more convenient. 

Invest in High-Quality Materials 

High-quality materials might have a higher upfront cost but are less likely to require replacement in just a few years. They are also usually more durable and don’t require as much upkeep. Consider slip-resistant flooring to reduce fall risk and low-maintenance countertops for easier cleanup. 

Moreover, it will help to consult professionals regarding which materials best fit your space and needs. At DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Wilmington, we can help you make the best decisions for your project. If you need a kitchen quote, don’t hesitate to reach out. 

Ensure Good Lighting 

Sufficient lighting is crucial for your kitchen’s safety. Bringing sunlight into your space can reduce the need for artificial lighting during the day, helping you save on energy costs. Be sure to incorporate different lighting fixtures to maximize visibility and minimize shadows. For instance, under-cabinet lights illuminate counters, making meal prep safer and more enjoyable. 

Let’s Start a Conversation! 

A well-designed kitchen will meet your current and future needs. Elevate the heart of your home with DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Wilmington. Whether you’re looking for a kitchen remodeler or “general contractor near me,” we’re here to help. Call us at (910) 928-2207 or complete our online form to reach our team. We serve homeowners in Wilmington, Cape Fear, New Hanover, Port City,  Forest Hills, Leland, Pine Valley, Carolina Beach and nearby communities. 

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