Small Bathroom: 8 Design Mistakes to Avoid

Bathrooms usually have limited space. In some homes, these rooms are even smaller. If this is the case for you, remodeling can address problems in your space. An experienced contractor can help you maximize every square footage of your bathroom without sacrificing aesthetics. 

There’s more to consider than bathroom cost when planning your project. Here are eight design mistakes you should avoid. 

Common Small Bathroom Design Mistakes

1. Inadequate Storage

Ample storage is a must, especially in small spaces. It’s easy for a small bathroom to become cluttered and disorganized without dedicated storage for towels, toiletries and cleaning supplies. Utilize vertical space to keep essentials tidy without sacrificing precious floor space. 

2. Sacrificing Function for Style

Never compromise functionality for style. A beautiful bathroom that doesn’t meet your needs will only frustrate you. Carefully assess your space to determine which elements you can tweak for added practicality. For example, downsizing an oversized vanity can free up room for more essential features. 

3. Not Hiring Professionals

Tackling a bathroom remodel without professional help can lead to costly mistakes. Aside from providing you with an accurate bathroom quote, experienced contractors can provide valuable insights. They can manage your project efficiently and help you make the best decisions for your space. 

4. Playing It Too Safe

Small bathrooms and powder rooms are great for experimenting with bold design choices. Vibrant wallpaper, striking tile patterns or mixed metals can make your bathroom stand out. Even a small room can leave a big impression with eye-catching elements. 

5. Choosing the Wrong Tile

Tiles can impact your bathroom’s overall look and feel. Appearance isn’t the only factor you should consider when choosing tiles. You should factor in size, durability and maintenance. Select medium-sized tiles or ones that create visual spaciousness. Always map out the placement to avoid awkward patterns.  

6. Overlooking Ventilation

Adequate ventilation can prevent moisture-related problems and maintain good indoor air quality. Exhaust fans can help eliminate excess humidity from the room. Adding operable windows is also an excellent way to keep your space fresh. 

7. Ignoring the Small Details 

In a small bathroom, every detail counts. Include all elements in the initial design, from the placement of toilet paper holders to shower hooks. An experienced designer can ensure you have a cohesive and functional space. 

8. Forgetting About Lighting

Proper lighting is vital to your bathroom’s safety. It can also impact the room’s usability and ambiance. Layered lighting will create a bright, welcoming environment.

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