Debunking 3 Popular Accessibility and Universal Design Myths

Accessible remodeling can make your living space safer, especially for your loved ones with limited mobility. It has many benefits, like making your home easier to navigate and reducing the risk of injuries. However, various misconceptions still surround it. 

Keep reading to discover the truth about three popular myths about accessibility and universal design. 

3 Common Accessibility and Universal Design Myths

1. Accessibility Features Are Only for Physically Challenged Individuals

Many believe that accessibility features are solely for physically challenged people. However, they can make life more comfortable for everyone, regardless of age and ability. For instance, you can effortlessly wash your hands with a touchless faucet. Sliding windows are another feature that is ideal for individuals with limited mobility since they are easy to operate. But even those without mobility problems can enjoy these windows since they also allow plenty of natural light and fresh air to any room.

2. Accessible Remodeling Is Expensive

The cost of regular remodeling isn’t that different from adding accessibility upgrades to your home. Many factors can influence the cost of your project, such as the size of the room you are remodeling and the changes you’re making. An experienced general contractor would know which upgrades your family will benefit from. 

Also, many minor modifications can make your space more accessible and comfortable. For example, you can swap conventional doorknobs with lever-style door handles, which are easy to open and close, making them suitable for a person with painful joints. 

3. Accessibility Features Are Unattractive

Another common misconception about accessible spaces is that they are unappealing. Accessibility features can enhance the safety and beauty of your home. With the help of a reputable remodeler, you can create rooms that are stylish, functional and accessible. 

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