Ways to Allow More Natural Light Into Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are often the smallest rooms in the house. When not well-lit, they can look more cramped and gloomy. Allowing more sunlight into a bathroom can sometimes be tricky due to privacy concerns. Luckily, you have different options to illuminate your space naturally. Discover what they are from a trusted bathroom remodeler

Add More Windows

Installing additional windows in your bathroom doesn’t have to compromise your privacy. You can apply a decorative film to hide your personal space from curious eyes. Instead of clear glass, you can ask your contractor to use semi-opaque or frosted glass blocks. You can also have professionals tint your windows. It will allow you to enjoy outdoor views while keeping your bathroom private. 

Consider Skylights

If adding new windows to your bathroom isn’t feasible, consider installing a skylight. They can bring plenty of natural light into your space. You can even enjoy the view of blue skies during the day or stars at night while soaking in the tub. An experienced bathroom contractor would know if placing a skylight in the room is possible. 

Hang Mirrors  

Mirrors can open up your bathroom by bouncing natural light and creating the illusion of space. You can brighten your space by adding one near or across a window. It’s a simple way to illuminate the room and reduce your dependence on artificial lighting. A mirror with a stylish frame can also act as decor.

Use Light Colors

Dark colors absorb light, while lighter ones reflect light. One way to maximize the sunshine that enters your bathroom is to paint walls in a light hue. Aside from white, softer shades of yellow, coral, green and blue can make your space look and feel more vibrant. 

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