Eat-In Kitchen vs. Separate Dining Room: Which Is Better?

Many homes, especially those built before the 1980s, have separate kitchen and dining areas. Over the years, changes in the way many of us live have changed the way our homes are structured as well. So now you might be wondering: which setup is better, an eat-in kitchen or a separate dining room? It all depends on your lifestyle! Local kitchen remodeler DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Wilmington explains what makes each type of setup work.

Eat-In Kitchen

Ever visited a 50s-style diner? That’s what an eat-in kitchen can feel like, and it’s a great setup when done right. Designed for small or average-sized families, it usually includes counter seating at a kitchen island. In some kitchen designs, it may feature a large table and chairs.

One of the many benefits of an eat-in kitchen is the convenience it brings to the dining experience. The food is within arm’s reach, and everyone can pull up a chair and have a meal. The layout also promotes increased social interaction and a more casual vibe. The distance between the main workstation and the eating area is only a few steps, allowing the cook to serve with ease. A trusted kitchen contractor can develop a design that allows you to enjoy the many benefits an eat-in kitchen can provide.

Separate Dining Room

As already mentioned, a separate dining room is a common feature in most traditional home layouts. Designed to accommodate larger and more formal gatherings, it can have seating for anywhere from six people to more than a dozen. A separate dining room may be a necessity if you have a large family or often host dinners or parties with guests.

Unlike the eat-in kitchen, the dining room has a partition that conceals the kitchen from view. Although they’re adjacent to each other, carrying food from the workstation to the dining table can be a hassle. However, you and your guests don’t have to see the mess in the kitchen during a meal. 

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