A Homeowner’s Bathroom Remodeling To-Do List

The road to a successful bathroom remodel will be long and stressful without proper planning. You’ll want to have the essentials covered before calling a local remodeler for a bathroom quote, so why not make a quick to-do list? This may seem like homework, but making a to-do list helps break your project into bite-sized tasks. And when you see all of them laid out neatly, you’ll find that a bath remodel doesn’t seem as overwhelming as you first imagined.

1. Look for inspiration.

Your first step is deciding how your remodeled bathroom should look. Check remodeling and lifestyle websites such as Pinterest, Houzz and Good Housekeeping for inspiration. The wealth of design ideas they have featured can help you form a more concrete idea of the look you’re aiming for in your new bath space. 

Once you have the visuals, show them to a designer at DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Tyler when you request a bathroom estimate. Our skilled design team can further discuss these ideas with you and create a plan that will include them. If you feel intimidated making design decisions, we’ll be more than happy to help you plan your bathroom remodel effectively.

2. Determine which features need an upgrade.

Examine your current bathroom and decide which things need to be changed or added. This allows you to determine the scope of your remodel – a factor that affects the budget and project timeline. Which bath features should you prioritize and which ones will you upgrade later? The answers will depend on your current needs, lifestyle and personal preferences. 

3. Pull the necessary permits.

This may not be your responsibility, but you should still put it on your to-do list to serve as a reminder to discuss the issue with your remodeler. Before you can have any work done to your bathroom, you’ll need to make sure the necessary building permits are in place. This way, you’re sure that your project will be completed up to code.

Design Your Dream Bath With DreamMaker

DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Tyler is the “bathroom remodeler near me” you can count on for the highest quality service in the Tyler, Swan, Douglas, New Chapel Hill, Noonday or Bullard areas. With customer-focused service, we’ll make sure your remodeling experience is positive and rewarding. Call us today at (903) 255-7111 or fill out this contact form to get started on your bath upgrade. If you’d rather visit our design center, it’s open to serve you on weekdays (or Saturday by appointment only).

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