Why You Should Have a Mudroom in Your Home

Mudrooms are entryways where people can take off shoes and outerwear before entering the home proper. They’re very popular in modern homes in cold climates. According to home remodeling pros, this is because mudrooms bring various benefits. What can a mudroom do for you?

1. Keeps Dirt Outside

A mudroom keeps dirt, debris and mud from being tracked into the main areas of your home. This helps save you the inconvenience of having to constantly clean your carpets and flooring.

2. Increases Home Value

Believe it or not, even a small space like a mudroom can increase your home’s value, should you decide to sell. After all, buyers are always looking for aesthetically pleasing homes with extra storage space for organization. A well-designed mudroom will look inviting and welcoming to potential buyers.

3. Helps You Stay Organized

According to home renovation pros, a mudroom can give you many opportunities for organization. On one side, you can place a cabinet to hang coats and bags, while a shoe rack can go to the other side of the mudroom. This not only keeps outerwear organized, it saves you from having to store these items in other rooms.

Things to Consider When Planning a Mudroom

There are a few things you need to consider when renovating your home to accommodate a mudroom. For instance, ask yourself how much foot traffic you expect to help you narrow down what kind of flooring you’ll need, how large the mudroom needs to be and how many closets you need to place in the mudroom. 

Apart from that, consider your storage needs and determine the proper storage type for your mudroom. If you want the mudroom to serve another function (such as a laundry room), make sure that you add it to your design plan so your remodelers can accommodate it.

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