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Elements of the Perfect Mudroom

In most newer homes, the entryway garners a lot of foot traffic due to its location. However, there is another space in a home that works twice as hard and has more functions than an entryway. This multipurpose room is called a mudroom.

In today’s article, home renovation company DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen discusses the purpose of a mudroom and how you can create the perfect one for your home.

Mudroom Location

The mudroom is usually a modest-sized room that functions as a space where you can do laundry, take off muddy shoes, unleash dogs after their morning walk, store sports gear and more. A mudroom is a space where the odds and ends of your daily routine can have a place that doesn’t interfere with the rest of the household.

Ideally, you should be able to access a mudroom via the entryway. Since it serves many purposes, a poorly executed mudroom design could look cluttered and cramped. Below are some elements that a mudroom should have.

Practical Flooring

You don’t have to choose a fancy flooring material for your mudroom. All you need is heavy-duty flooring that can withstand constant use. Tile may be the most sensible choice in this case.

Coat Racks

Hooks and racks are a mudroom essential. They keep the space organized by giving scarves, coats and jackets a place to hang.

Bench Seating

A bench that doubles as a storage for shoes and boots captures the essence of a mudroom: practical, functional and organized.

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