5 Benefits of Barrier-Free Showers

For many years, the usual bathroom layout featured a barrier separating the bathing zone from the bathroom itself. Now, more and more homeowners are turning to bathroom remodeling projects to make their showers barrier-free, looking to enjoy various benefits such as: 

  1. Ease of cleaning. According to experts, barrier-free showers are significantly easier to clean than showers that have barriers attached to them. This is because they have fewer joints and seams, meaning there are less places for soap residue and mildew to build up. In addition, no barriers mean increased safety for elderly family members who face mobility challenges.
  2. Numerous features. Barrier-free showers come with a wide range of customizable features that can benefit you. For instance, you have more room to add a temporary or permanent shower seat, grab bars, non-slip flooring and extra shelving to your shower area, making your bathroom more functional than before.
  3. Accessibility. Barrier-free showers are more accessible because there isn’t a curb to step over. This means a shower area becomes more accessible to family members facing mobility issues or who are confined to a wheelchair, giving them a sense of independence when it comes to caring for themselves.
  4. Ease of usage. A barrier-free shower doesn’t usually have a door and again, this greatly benefits individuals with mobility problems, further increasing their independence. For assistance in converting your shower into a barrier-free shower, turn to the pros of DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Ogden.
  5. Enhanced aesthetic appeal. Barrier-free showers blend with any style, so your shower area can improve your bathroom’s aesthetic appeal and overall functionality.

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