4 Quick Upgrades for Guest Bathrooms

Guest bathrooms don’t see a lot of action. Unfortunately, infrequent use can lead to disrepair. To breathe new life into your guest bathroom, here are quick upgrades to include in a bathroom remodel.

  1. Tub Replacement – The bathtub is one of the focal points of any bathroom, even for a small space like the guest bathroom. If your existing tub is old and unappealing, then don’t hesitate to have it replaced with an acrylic bathtub as a quick upgrade. Not only will the new tub be aesthetically pleasing, it can also repel dirt and grime, reducing the need for frequent cleaning.
  2. Shower Enclosure Replacement – If your shower walls are foggy, dirty, moldy or just plain worn out, consider a new enclosure as part of a shower remodel. Make sure to enlist the assistance of remodeling experts so you can find a shower enclosure that matches your guest bathroom.
  3. Bathroom Conversion – Alternatively, you can also consider a bathroom conversion project as a quick way to upgrade your guest bathroom. According to experts, a tub-to-shower conversion or vice versa is one of the easiest and most convenient solutions for guest bathrooms.
  4. Small Bathroom Remodel – On the other hand, if you prefer, you can also have the entire guest bathroom revamped with a one-day bath remodel. If you opt to go this route, expert contractors will give your guest bathroom a complete overhaul by replacing your tub, shower and accessories.

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