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Stairway to Heaven

Project Name
Stairway to Heaven
Project Summary
The railing is the first thing you see when you enter into this home. The original railing was very outdated and wasn’t really making a good statement when you walked in. The wood was old yellow oak and the customer wanted to update the color as well. The new railing is a beautiful hardwood in a more modern, rich brown stain. The new color they chose coordinated perfectly with the rest of the updates made in the home.
Project Story
This interior element was a beautiful transformation of an entryway stair railing. After realizing the existing banister wasn’t structurally sound, the homeowner wanted to take the existing unassuming railing and make it a grand entryway showpiece. There were some construction challenges that took some careful planning, but it turned out to be a work of art. While this element wasn’t originally part of the scope of the homeowner's remodel, the designer found the existing railing to be structurally unsound.  It wasn’t properly anchored into the stair treads and would have eventually been a safety risk.  Therefore, they decided this needed to be something they would address in the remodel of their home. The angle this railing came down at was not one you would typically find.  Most manufacturers have standard pieces to build an average railing, none of which would work on this particular one.  It took some very strategic planning between the designer, the woodworker, and the homeowner to come up with a plan.  Eventually some careful handcrafting by the woodworker made those angles fit seamlessly. The homeowner wasn’t sure about the style she wanted for this banister and she originally wanted something more round. However, after the designer helped her understand that the other elements in the rest of the home were updating to a craftsman style, she understood that this craftsman railing would add continuity to the space.
Project Category
Interior Remodeling
Job Category
Residential Addition
Services Performed
Carpentry, Designing, Flooring
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