Neutrals: How Do You Use Them in Your Home?

The notion that neutral colors equate to a lack of creativity couldn’t be further from the truth. When used right, these hues are far from plain or boring. You can bring the best out of your living space by incorporating neutrals in your interior remodeling project. 

Here are ways to use neutral colors in your home. 

Choose the Right Materials 

Whether for a serene kitchen or a tranquil living area, the choice of materials can substantially elevate a neutral space. The heart of your home can significantly benefit from the warmth and depth of quartzite countertops or bleached walnut cabinetry. Plaster finishes on walls or luxurious natural materials like shagreen can prevent your space from looking flat. 

Create Contrast 

Contrast is vital when working within a neutral palette. You can go bold by incorporating dark elements like black frames or doors. If you want something more subtle, consider mixing paint finishes across the room for added depth and interest. 

Add Textures and Layers

One cannot underestimate the power of texture in a neutral scheme. From the soft allure of boucle and linen to the rugged charm of natural stone or wood, layers of texture can turn a seemingly simple design into a feast for the senses. If you need help mixing and matching textures in your living space, you can rely on DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Ogden. Feel free to reach out if you need a bathroom or kitchen quote

Lighting Matters

Colors can look different depending on how sunlight hits them or the time of day. You can use lighting to highlight various tones and textures within your living space. When planning your remodeling project, consider the natural light available. 

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