What Is a Biophilic Bathroom?

Biophilic design is a trending approach to interior design that’s favored by homeowners who want to create a deeper connection with nature, and is one that’s especially suitable for bathrooms. In today’s post, local home renovation company DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Ogden takes a look at the principles of biophilic design and how it can be incorporated into a bathroom remodel.

What Is Biophilic Design?

Biophilia refers to how humans inherently seek connections with nature and other forms of life. In interior design, this translates to integrating natural elements, materials and themes into indoor spaces. Biophilia in bathroom design can involve decisions that favor natural lighting, organic materials and greenery, along with other elements that evoke the natural world. This design approach not only enhances the visual appeal of the space but also creates a more harmonious and calming environment.

Benefits of a Biophilic Bathroom

Most bathroom renovation designs are intended to promote relaxation and stress reduction to some degree, and biophilic design is no exception — in fact, biophilic design concepts are ideal for this application. The connection to nature helps create a relaxing experience that can be likened to bathing in a hot spring or a natural body of water. Natural light and live plants can help improve air quality, while the use of sustainable materials contributes to environmental conservation. Additionally, a biophilic bathroom can increase the overall value of a home, making it a worthwhile investment for homeowners.

Design Elements of a Biophilic Bathroom

A typical biophilic bathroom design involves the following elements:

  • Natural lighting. Natural light through windows or skylights can be maximized using sheer window treatments, or none at all. If the remodeling project involves changes to the exterior wall, consider resizing the bathroom window or installing a patio door.

  • Live plants. Incorporate a variety of plants to add pops of color, create a natural look and to help clean the air in the bathroom. Choose plants that can thrive on humidity and reflected sunlight.

  • Natural materials. Incorporate materials like stone, wood or bamboo for countertops, flooring and other decorative elements.

  • Natural color palette. Choose colors that are found in nature, such as greens, blues and earth tones.

  • Water elements. Adding features like a small indoor fountain to emulate the soothing sound of running water.

Let’s Start a Conversation!

Our design team at DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Ogden is well-versed on design concepts like biophilic bathrooms, and can incorporate them into your next home remodel. To get started with a no-obligation consultation, call us at (801) 614-7263 or contact us online! We serve homeowners in North Ogden, Plain City, West Point, West Haven, Pleasant View, Farr West, Marriott-Slaterville, and South Ogden.

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