Design and Wellness Trends for Creating a Cozy Home

Several factors can affect the state of your well-being. You will feel better in an aesthetically pleasing home than in a disorganized space. The environment surrounding you can also influence your mental health, from the colors of your walls to the pieces of furniture you choose.  

Today, more and more people are incorporating upgrades focusing on wellness into their interior remodeling projects. Continue reading to discover concepts that help in creating the coziest living space. 


Wabi-sabi is a concept that originated in Japan. It encourages people to appreciate the natural world and that there is beauty in imperfection. The subtle eccentricity of this design trend makes it popular among homeowners. It makes you realize that your home can still look attractive even without symmetry and with the use of unique materials. 


Individuals who value quality time with family and friends will appreciate hygge. It’s a Danish lifestyle trend that commemorates the simple joys in life. You can achieve it by using natural materials and neutral colors throughout your home. If you wish to include its elements in your remodel, notify your contractor during your consultation. At DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Ogden, we can help you achieve your project’s goals. Contact us today to get a free interior remodeling or kitchen estimate


Prioritizing needs over wants and recognizing when you have just enough are the focal points of lagom. It keeps you from clinging to the things you don’t need. While it emphasizes decluttering, it doesn’t mean you need to be extremely minimal when it comes to the design of your space. Lagom only prevents you from overly adorning or decorating your home. 

One of its principles is to create a better connection between your indoor spaces and nature. You can achieve it by placing indoor plants in rooms and getting larger windows for more expansive outdoor views. 


Do you enjoy lounging on a cozy couch with your loved ones? If so, you will love cwtch. This Welsh term translates to “hug” or “cuddle.” It could also pertain to “cubbyhole” or “cupboard” since using this concept in your home will make you feel cozy and safe. Cwtch is known for having comfortable seating spaces, throw pillows, fireplaces, and other features that will give your living space an inviting and homey feel. 

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Regardless of which trend you want to implement in your project, you must look for a reliable home remodeler near me. At DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Ogden, we are committed to bringing your remodeling vision to life. Call us at (801) 614-7263 or fill out our contact form to start a conversation with our design experts. We work with homeowners in Roy, Hooper, Peterson, Morgan, Kaysville, and nearby communities.

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