Renovations to Make Your Dream Home Age-in-Place Friendly

A true dream home is a place where you can always feel comfortable, even as the years pass. As the leading home remodeling contractors in the area, we’re here to recommend a few renovation options that can make your home be more age-in-place friendly.

Wider Doorways

Walkers and wheelchairs tend to be bulky, and narrow doorways can keep a senior from moving freely within the home. Widening the doorways addresses this issue. We recommend prioritizing doorways at the main entrance, the patio, the living room and the master bedroom.

Ramps for Elevated Areas

Even seniors that use walkers or canes find it easier to walk up a gentle slope than a staircase. Experts in home renovations recommend putting a ramp at key areas such as the entrance — but don’t forget to account for the ramp’s slope to ensure that it isn’t too steep. In some cases, a movable ramp is a better option, especially if you don’t have the floor space to accommodate a permanent one.

Lowered Surfaces

It can get difficult to reach high up when you start having mobility issues. This is why it’s a good idea to lower surfaces around your dream home. Prime candidates for this type of renovation include kitchen countertops and sinks. Consider switching out integrated shelves for appliance stands; something like a microwave tends to be placed somewhere that a seated person can’t reach.

Ergonomic Features

Elderly people with arthritis can have a difficult time living in a traditional home because even turning door knobs can be painful. Home remodeling experts address this concern by switching to more ergonomic features such as elongated door handles and window latches that require less effort to operate. Other ergonomic features include ergonomic chairs and push-button light switches.

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