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A Quick Remodeling Checklist for Accessibility

Mobility remodeling helps those with limited mobility navigate their everyday routine with ease. If this is one of your goals, the right contractor can help you make sure that your living spaces are suitable for accessibility. Here’s a remodeling checklist for accessible homes.  (more…)

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4 Tips to Avoid Remodeler’s Remorse

While home renovations are a great way to enhance quality of life and increase property value, many homeowners can’t help but feel regret after the changes are done. This is known as “remodeler’s remorse”. Here are a few tips on avoiding this phenomenon from one of the leading home remodeling contractors in the area. (more…)

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Renovations to Make Your Dream Home Age-in-Place Friendly

A true dream home is a place where you can always feel comfortable, even as the years pass. As the leading home remodeling contractors in the area, we’re here to recommend a few renovation options that can make your home be more age-in-place friendly. (more…)

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Bringing English Country Style to Your Dream Home

Do you want to add a timeless, cozy look to your home? If you answered yes, then you might love English Country style. English Country homes are characterized by warm colors that evoke a sense of softness and closeness to nature. If you want to capture the same look for your home, try these changes recommended by leading home remodeling contractors in the area. (more…)

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Tips on Choosing the Right White Paint

A good rule of thumb when coordinating colors is to stick to neutral shades. Unlike bolder, trendier colors, neutrals never go out of style and complement a wide variety of colors and styles. If you’re just starting to plan a color scheme, we’d recommend starting with white. (more…)

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Understanding the Different Types of Home Additions

In addition to increasing the living space in your home and improving your family’s quality of living, a home addition can boost your home’s property value. The most popular home additions are bump-outs, sunrooms and garage conversions. Which of the three best fits your needs? DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Huntsville, your trusted interior remodeling contractor, elaborates on the benefits of each option below. (more…)

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