The Importance of Home Lighting in a Forever Home

As you age, it’s important to accommodate your eyes and other senses. This means it is important to consider the lighting plan for your forever home remodeling project. In this article, home renovation expert DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Elizabethtown explains why lighting is important for aging in place. 

Visual Difficulties That Come With Age

It’s common to have visual difficulties as you age. This is one of the most important reasons to modify the lighting in a forever home remodel. Your lighting should not be too bright or too low. You want to reduce the contrast sensitivity and the sharpness of your lighting at home because aging eyes have increased sensitivity to glare and halos. Fortunately, there are softer yet effective lights that are perfect for forever homes.

Ideal Lighting for Your Forever Home

  1. Ambient Lights – There are a few lighting set-ups you can consider to help with your home remodel. As an easy start, you can add a bit more light to your home by installing ambient light sources. Some viable options include LED lights and high-quality compact fluorescent lights. This way, you can reduce your home’s energy consumption without being harsh to your eyes.
  2. Uniform Light – You can also train your eyes to adjust easily to the different light levels in every room. Combat problems with your eyes adapting to different levels with uniform lighting. This way, you can create smooth transitions between each room. This method avoids stressing your eyes and reduces possible visual difficulties. 
  3. Glare-Free Light – Prevent accidents caused by harsh, blinding lights and glare inside your home. Glare-free lighting is a smart investment for your home’s aging-in-place remodel.

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