Should You Get an Eat-In Kitchen or a Separate Dining Room?

Adding a dining room to your home is a great idea if you often have guests over. However, if you don’t have a lot of space in your home or prefer more casual get-togethers, an eat-in kitchen is likely a smarter choice. To help you decide, DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Elizabethtown, your trusted kitchen contractor, elaborates on each option. 

The Advantages of a Separate Dining Room

A dining room is a no-brainer if you love hosting parties at your home. However, even if you don’t host a lot of parties, a separate dining room still has plenty of uses. You can store all your dinnerware and cutlery in the dining room to free up kitchen storage space. And if you simply want a space where you can enjoy meals without too many distractions, a separate dining room is worth the investment.

What If You Don’t Have a Lot of Space?

Then an eat-in kitchen is arguably a better choice. Multifunctional spaces like eat-in kitchens are an essential feature in modern homes, especially those with limited floor space. To maximize the functionality of an eat-in kitchen, you might want to consider some of these features: 

  • A breakfast nook. Place a small table and some chairs in a corner of your kitchen to create a breakfast nook where you can enjoy quick meals in the morning. To ensure there’s enough legroom to move around, choose a round, pedestal-style table instead of a rectangular one. 
  • A long kitchen island. To maximize floor space, choose stools that can be partially tucked under the countertop. Alternatively, you can extend the countertop to create additional seating. 

What About Combining the Two?

There’s also the option of combining your kitchen and dining area into one large, multifunctional space with a kitchen island dividing the two visually. The kitchen/dining room combo gives the illusion of a more spacious interior and makes multitasking easier. While you’re busy preparing meals in an eat-in kitchen, you can still be part of the conversation. 

Keep in mind that a combined kitchen and dining room might feel messy if there’s no sense of continuity between the two, or feel too empty if there aren’t enough features. If you’re planning on combining the two, it’s best to consult a kitchen remodeler

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