Sheltering in Place & Its Impact on Home Design

The “new normal” continues to impact our everyday lives and, while it continues to be a real challenge for most of us, not all changes have been for the worse. One of the biggest changes has been in the way we perceive and relate to our living spaces. As an interior remodeling company, we at DreamMaker spent much of the past year thinking about how we could make a prolonged stay-at-home experience more pleasant for our clients, and it certainly taught us a few important lessons about home design.

New Spaces for a New Normal

As our way of life changed drastically in 2020, people started to see their homes as a refuge that deserved more attention and TLC than ever before. Clients were asking us how they could maximize their existing living spaces and put every square foot to work. Some wanted to turn underused rooms into more functional spaces, some wanted to finish their basements and some wanted to open up their homes and let the outdoors in.

If there’s one project that truly made its presence felt in 2020, it was the home office remodel. Many of us realized that a makeshift kitchen or bedroom workspace just wasn’t cutting it anymore. Clear lines had to be drawn to separate work life from everything else. And it wasn’t just wage-earners who needed this separation: kids studying at home also needed dedicated spaces that encouraged focus and productivity.

Rethinking Home Design

Beyond striking a healthier balance between living and working, remodelers and builders needed to rethink how we design homes as a whole. These are some of the things we’d love to incorporate into more projects moving forward:

  • Better balance between privacy and togetherness. With homes becoming the center stage for all sorts of activities, from work and study to exercise and entertainment, we’ve begun to blur the lines between public and private. While it’s important to create spaces where people can gather and connect, home design also needs to allow for truly private spaces where members of the household can decompress and take a break from the chaos of life.
  • Stronger connection with nature. If last year’s nursery and garden supply sales were any indication, people have a strong desire to maintain their connection with nature. We apply this to home design via a stronger focus on natural lighting, ventilation and indoor air quality, and access to outdoor spaces like decks and patios.
  • Smarter homes. We’ve noticed an increased openness to smart(er) home tech over the past year, much of it driven by the desire for easier cleaning and home maintenance. Other major drivers include security, energy efficiency, indoor air quality and home entertainment. We’re looking forward to seeing more tech integration in future remodeling projects.

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