Everything You Need to Know About Structural Renovations

Structural renovations are changes or modifications that involve altering the fundamental framework and layout of a building. They address the core elements of a structure, improving its integrity, functionality and safety. 

In this post, DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Burlington County discusses what structural renovations are, the benefits they offer, and important considerations to keep in mind before starting this type of project.

Understanding Structural Renovations

Structural renovations encompass modifications to a building’s foundation, load-bearing walls, roof structure or overall layout. These changes are typically necessary to address significant issues, including structural deficiencies, safety concerns or new design elements. A structural renovation often requires the expertise of an architect, structural engineer and general contractor to ensure a safe project execution and local building code compliance. 

Structural Renovations vs. Cosmetic Changes

Cosmetic changes, which mainly concentrate on the visual aspects of a space like paint and decor, aim to enhance aesthetics and can often be done through DIY efforts or with the help of interior designers. On the other hand, structural renovations involve significant alterations to a building’s structure, improving its functionality and safety. Both processes require specialized expertise, and they may involve obtaining permits and undergoing inspections to ensure compliance with building codes.

Benefits of Structural Renovations

Here are the top reasons why you should consider structural renovations.

  • Enhanced Safety – Structural renovations address safety concerns by rectifying structural deficiencies, such as weakened foundations or damaged load-bearing walls.
  • Improved Functionality – These renovations can optimize space utilization, create open floor plans or reconfigure layouts to better suit your needs and lifestyle.
  • Increased Property Value – Structural improvements can significantly boost your property’s resale value, making it a wise investment in the long run.
  • Energy Efficiency – Upgrading a building’s structural elements often provides an opportunity to improve insulation, install energy-efficient windows and enhance the HVAC system. These improvements can help you reduce energy consumption and utility costs.
  • Design Flexibility – Structural renovations allow you to customize your space to your preferences. With this type of remodel, you can easily add rooms, expand living areas or create unique architectural features.

What to Consider for Structural Renovations


Structural renovations can be more expensive than cosmetic changes due to the need for professional expertise, permits and unexpected issues that may arise during the process. Careful budgeting is essential.

Compliance With Building Regulations

Obtaining the necessary permits and adhering to local building codes and regulations are crucial parts of structural renovations. Failure to do so can lead to legal complications and safety hazards. It is best to consult a professional home renovator to assess the feasibility of your project, develop plans and oversee the construction.

Longer Timeline

Keep in mind that structural renovations may take longer to complete than cosmetic changes, so plan for potential disruptions to your daily life during the construction phase. Depending on the extent of the renovation, you may need to temporarily relocate during the construction process. Make sure to prepare for alternative living arrangements.

Professional Assistance

Choose a reputable home remodeler with experience in structural renovations. Ask for references and verify their qualifications to ensure the project will be executed properly. Be prepared for unexpected challenges that may arise once the renovation is underway. Structural renovations may reveal hidden problems that need immediate attention. When undertaken with proper planning and execution, structural renovations can yield remarkable results and enhance the overall quality of your living space.

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