Splurge-Worthy Bathroom Upgrades to Consider

bathroom renovation can significantly enhance your home’s comfort, functionality and value. Investing in good materials and a thoughtful design can help you create a bathroom that serves you well today and remains valuable in the long run. While it’s essential to budget wisely, certain bathroom upgrades might just be worth the splurge.

Keep reading as DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Burlington County shares some practical bathroom remodeling ideas that are worth the extra cost.

Bathtub Replacement

A luxurious, well-designed bathtub can be the focal point of your bathroom and a sanctuary for relaxation. Replacing an outdated or worn-out bathtub with a new, stylish one can transform your entire bathroom. Consider options like freestanding soaking tubs, jetted whirlpool tubs or even a spa-style jacuzzi bathtub. By investing in a high-quality bathtub replacement, you can ensure a comfortable living experience and boost your home’s resale value.

Walk-in Shower

A walk-in shower with modern fixtures and a frameless glass enclosure adds a touch of elegance and functionality to your bathroom. These spacious showers are not only visually appealing but also more accessible, making them a practical choice for all ages. Steam showers, multiple showerheads and built-in seating are additional upgrades that can make your shower experience truly indulgent.

Heated Flooring

Heated floors can add comfort and warmth to your bathroom. Stepping onto a heated floor during chilly mornings can be a delightful experience. Radiant floor heating systems are energy-efficient and can be installed under various flooring materials, including tile, stone and wood.

High-Quality Fixtures

bathroom remodel that incorporates high-quality bathroom fixtures like faucets, showerheads and hardware can greatly impact the aesthetics and functionality of your space. Opt for fixtures made from durable materials like brass or stainless steel. These options not only look great but also last longer and require less maintenance.

Custom Cabinetry and Storage

Custom-built cabinetry and ample storage can help keep your bathroom organized and clutter-free. Tailor-made cabinets allow you to maximize the use of available space and create a cohesive design that complements the rest of your bathroom. Features like soft-close drawers, pull-out organizers and built-in lighting can further enhance your bathroom’s functionality.

When splurging on bathroom upgrades, you should strike a balance between luxury and practicality. Carefully consider your budget and priorities to ensure that the upgrades you choose align with your needs and preferences. Additionally, hiring a professional contractor with experience in bathroom renovations is crucial to achieving the best results.

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