How to Update a Shaker Kitchen (Without Losing Its Charm)

It is not an uncommon dilemma among homeowners planning a kitchen remodel to decide whether or not to stick to the inherent charm of a Shaker-style kitchen. The good news is that giving it refresh is entirely possible, with a few modern elements here and there, while still keeping that same energy of simplicity and quaintness that this particular aesthetic is known for. Local kitchen remodeler DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Wilmington shares a few tips to keep in mind.

Introduce Contemporary Hardware

One of the simplest yet most effective ways to update a Shaker kitchen is to replace the hardware. Wilmington’s coastal vibe can inspire selections such as matte black or brushed nickel pulls and knobs, infusing a modern flair into the cabinetry’s traditional lines. This minor change can significantly impact the kitchen’s overall look, seamlessly blending with your home’s aesthetic.

Embrace Modern Cabinetry With a Shaker Soul

While Shaker cabinets are celebrated for their paneled design and clean lines, incorporating contemporary cabinet styles with traditional Shaker hardware offers an exciting twist on the classic. Opting for sleek, flat-front cabinets adorned with aged bronze or polished brass pulls can create a striking balance between old and new. This approach ensures your kitchen stands at the intersection of innovation and tradition.

Glass-Fronted Wall Cabinets

Shifting from traditional Shaker wall cabinets to those with glass fronts or even open shelving can dramatically alter the kitchen’s aesthetic, inviting light to cascade through and reflect off your cherished kitchenware or decorative pieces. This design choice not only updates the look but also adds a layer of openness and depth, making the kitchen feel larger—a perfect match for Wilmington’s airy and bright indoor-outdoor living spaces.

Infuse Natural and Eco-Conscious Materials

Your kitchen contractor may recommend incorporating natural materials like cork for backsplashes or recycled plastic for countertops to introduce an eco-conscious, tactile element to your Shaker kitchen. These materials not only pay homage to the Shaker community’s principles of sustainability and simplicity but also resonate with Wilmington’s coastal environment, where nature’s beauty and the importance of its preservation are ever-present.

Update With Bold or Neutral Color Palettes

Adding a modern twist through color is another route to refreshing your Shaker kitchen. Whether it’s painting cabinets in bold, contemporary hues or opting for soft, earthy neutrals, the choice of color can completely transform the space. This approach allows homeowners in Wilmington to tie their kitchens to the changing coastal landscapes outside their windows, from the deep blues of the Atlantic Ocean to the sandy tones of the beaches.

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