The 6 Zones of a Hard-Working Kitchen

The kitchen triangle emphasizes the proximity between the fridge, oven and sink. Gone are the days when this once-revolutionary approach served as the blueprint for efficiency in kitchens. Today, kitchens have more than three workstations. Zoning is a concept designed to improve the functionality and flow of the heart of your home. 

Aside from providing an accurate kitchen estimate, a reliable contractor will suggest ways to enhance your space’s efficiency. These can include incorporating these six zones into the room.  

6 Zones of an Efficient Kitchen

1. Preparation

The preparation zone is the foundation for culinary exploration. It’s usually near the consumables and cooking zones. This area often has spacious countertops or islands that double as social hubs. These features ensure guests and family members can speak to each other without disrupting the meal preparation’s flow. 

2. Cooking 

The cooking zone is where heat meets ingredients. In this area, ovens, ranges and microwaves are within easy reach. Essential tools and pans are stored nearby, reducing the need to traverse the kitchen while cooking. 

3. Cleaning

The sink, dishwasher and waste disposal are in the cleaning zone. This area should facilitate easy rinsing, washing and waste segregation. With the help of an experienced remodeler, you can include innovations to your space, such as deep sinks, high-arch faucets and discreetly hidden dishwashers. 

4. Consumables 

The consumables zone simplifies grocery unloading and ingredient access. It allows you to store food items in one area. Ideally, refrigerated and pantry goods should be close to each other. If you need help creating a space for your food items, DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Wilmington is ready to assist. You can count on us for spaces tailored to your unique needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a kitchen quote

5. Non-Consumables

The non-consumables zone is where you store everyday items like plates, glasses and utensils. Strategically placing it near the dishwasher or sink helps with organization. 

6. Leisure 

The leisure zone has emerged as a defining feature of modern kitchen design. It typically merges with the preparation zone. This area offers a space for casual meals, homework, crafts or relaxing with a warm beverage. 

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