The Key Elements of a Functional Kitchen

If there’s any part of the house that embodies the idea of “form follows function,” it would be the kitchen. This is why a kitchen renovation plan must always take into account workflows and movement before choosing material and color options. In today’s post, DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Tyler examines the elements that define function in a kitchen.


Layouts can be considered as templates for your kitchen and informs what ultimately becomes the floor plan. During the early stages of planning, you’ll be looking at popular layouts like a U-shaped layout, a galley kitchen or, for smaller spaces, a one-wall layout. This will serve as your starting point, adapting it to your needs and moving around elements like appliances, work areas, the work triangle — perhaps a kitchen island or a breakfast nook — until it fulfills your kitchen’s functional requirements.


Considering the various utensils, cookware and equipment used in a kitchen at any given time, a kitchen wouldn’t be considered functional without storage. A kitchen remodel is a great opportunity to improve upon, or at least address issues with storage. Assess your kitchen as it is, and identify the parts that work, and those that don’t. If you think open shelving looks cluttered, add new cabinet doors to your remodeling checklist. If you’re having trouble reaching for items at the base cabinets, make it a point to work with your remodeler in designing more accessible cabinets.


There are three main types of house lighting: ambient, accent and task lighting. Most other rooms in the house would be perfectly fine with the first and second type, but the kitchen needs all three. Ambient lighting eliminates dark areas and ensures consistency, while accent lighting highlights certain areas that are intended to draw the eye. In comparison, task lighting helps you see what you’re doing, whether you’re prepping, cooking, plating or washing up.

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