The 6 Zones: Inside a Hardworking Kitchen

Several remodelers champion the six-zone method over the outdated kitchen triangle. This modern approach divides the kitchen into six distinct zones for various tasks, ensuring both functionality and aesthetics.

In this article, we discuss the six areas of a modern, hardworking kitchen to help you differentiate it from the traditional kitchen triangle concept. 

Breaking Down the 6-Zone Kitchen

1. Preparation Zone

The preparation zone is where culinary creations begin. Here, sufficient countertop space and access to commonly used utensils and ingredients are paramount. A kitchen remodeler near me designs this area to be both versatile and adaptable, ensuring homeowners have the perfect stage for their culinary explorations. 

2. Cooking Zone

Next is the cooking zone, which is dedicated to the stove, oven, and other cooking appliances. This area is carefully planned to keep essential tools within reach, making the cooking process as seamless as possible. It’s where the magic happens and flavors come to life.

3. Cleaning Zone

The cleaning zone revolves around the sink, dishwasher and waste disposal area. Grouping these elements streamlines the cleanup process, making it less of a chore and more of a concluding step in the culinary journey.

4. Consumables Zone

This zone is specifically designated for food storage, housing both the refrigerator and pantry. At DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Tyler, we meticulously optimize this area to ensure households can efficiently store and access their groceries. Whether fresh or non-perishable, every item has its rightful place. When discussing your kitchen remodeling needs, be sure to consult your contractor to ensure this crucial aspect is included in your kitchen quote.

5. Non-Consumables Zone

The non-consumables zone is created for dishes, glassware and utensils. It’s close enough to where they’re used yet out of the way when not in need.

6. Leisure Zone

This zone is a newer but increasingly important addition. Reflecting modern kitchen’s evolution into multi-purpose spaces, this area accommodates casual dining, socializing, and even working. It makes the kitchen a central hub for various activities beyond just cooking.

Let’s Start a Conversation!

Let’s revolutionize your kitchen design with the six-zone approach. At DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Tyler, we can bring this innovative concept to life. Schedule a consultation and receive a kitchen estimate by calling us at (903) 255-7111. You can also fill out our contact form to get started. We serve clients in Tyler, Swan, New Chapel Hill, Whitehouse, Noonday and surrounding areas.

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