St. Louis Park Transitional Kitchens

Transitional Kitchens

Project NameChain of Lakes Kitchen and Dining Room

Location Edina, MN

Project Summary Our clients had lived in their home with their two children for twelve years, and having decided to stay there for the foreseeable future, they wanted to update their kitchen. Removing walls and relocating a vent pipe resulted in a new open space redesigned around a large multi-functional sit-up island. Without adding any square footage, the new layout with its strategically placed workstations and ample counter space is conducive to multiple cooks working simultaneously. There are few wall cabinets, and except for the refrigerator, all appliances are under counter, making the kitchen easy and safe to use for all ages.

Job Category Transitional Kitchen

Project Category Kitchen Remodeling

Testimonial The remodel gave the family an extraordinary transformation with everything they all wanted in their new dream kitchen! Months later they say they are still finding new ways to enjoy their new space.

Project NameTownhouse Kitchen Transformation

Location Wayzata, MN

Project Summary Our clients thought their kitchen felt dark and lacked visual flow with the rest of the main floor and the beautiful backyard gardens. We gave them their dream kitchen by opening a wall which allows the kitchen to “breathe,” improves natural light, gives a view of the gardens, and turns the first floor into an entertainment space. Rearranging the layout created cooking stations that enable multiple cooks and increase countertop and storage space. They love their beautiful new kitchen rich with textures and materials that blend the old and the new.

Job Category Transitional Kitchen

Project Category Kitchen Remodeling

Testimonial Our clients' kitchen remodel gave them an amazing transformation with everything they both wanted in their new dream kitchen! They comment it is a wonderful whole new way of experiencing their home, and give kudos to our designer for her creative solutions.

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