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The Butler’s Pantry: Outdated or Genius?

Do you often find yourself wishing you had more space for meal preparation and storage outside the kitchen when entertaining guests? A butler’s pantry could be the solution to your problem.

What Is a Butler’s Pantry?

Originally, the butler’s pantry was a space in luxury homes dedicated to storing family silverware, china, serving dishes and related items. Butlers would count and polish those items in the butler’s pantry, and servants would use the space to assemble food and drinks to be served in the dining room prior to taking them out. Back then, butler pantries might even be kept locked to keep heirlooms safe.

Today, a home can still feature a butler’s pantry that serves as storage space for serving pieces and as a staging area when entertaining.

Pros & Cons of a Butler’s Pantry

If you are currently looking for kitchen remodeling options, you might want to consider adding a butler’s pantry as it comes with several advantages, such as:

  • Additional storage space for kitchen items

  • A place to hide the mess from food prep while entertaining guests

  • Giving you space for meal preparation when serving a considerable number of guests

  • Serving as a buffet table

  • Adding luxury to your home

However, a butler’s pantry has a few cons, including:

  • Additional remodeling cost

  • Requiring a dedicated space, which you may not have in your home.

Need to Learn More? Contact DreamMaker!

Planning for a kitchen remodel is definitely exciting, but it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the numerous options available to you. Work with a trusted kitchen remodel company and you’ll have nothing to worry about! To learn more about what a butler’s pantry can do for you, just give DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of St. Louis Park a call at (954) 637-6386. Schedule a consultation with us today and let’s start a conversation!

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