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3 Key Elements of a Senior-Friendly Bathroom

As people age, they naturally experience mobility issues that can make everyday tasks like bathing more difficult. If you're designing a senior-friendly bathroom, you need to carefully choose the right features to ensure safety, comfort, and convenience. To learn more, DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of St. Louis Park presents the three key elements of the perfect bathroom for your senior relative. (more…)

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What to Expect During Your DreamMaker Design Consultation

Tackling a home remodeling project can be daunting. At DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of St. Louis Park, we offer homeowners the chance to partner with a design consultant who will give them confidence during their remodeling process from start to finish. In this blog, we explain what to expect during your initial DreamMaker design consultation. (more…)

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How Much Does It Cost to Build an Outdoor Kitchen?

An outdoor kitchen lets you keep food and drinks steps away from your gathering space, freeing you up to spend more time with people you love and care about in attendance. While it offers many flexible benefits, the price of installing an outdoor kitchen can vary. In this blog post, local home remodeler DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of St. Louis Park explains all you need to know about the cost of building[...]

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A Guide to Designing a Shared Bathroom

Whether you live as a couple or have a family with kids, you need to find ways of making the experience comfortable for everyone when sharing a space intended for personal hygiene and daily care. By working with a top bathroom remodeler, you can create a shared bathroom that works well for everyone while still being functional and beautiful. Learn more in this article from DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of St.[...]

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Is a Two-Island Kitchen the Right Choice for You?

A two-island kitchen provides numerous functional and aesthetic benefits. Before you invest in this design upgrade, it's important to weigh both its pros and cons. To help you make an informed choice that will keep you happy for years, read on as DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of St. Louis Park discusses the benefits and drawbacks of this kitchen remodel plan. (more…)

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Attic Conversion: The Dos and Don’ts You Need to Consider

An attic conversion is one of the best home remodeling projects you can tackle. It allows you to repurpose a dry, spacious, and quiet space and turn it into something functional, effectively adding to your home's square footage. Before you learn about the total home remodel cost involved in this project, you have to consider the dos and don'ts of planning for one. We highlight some of them here. (more…)

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How to Make Your Kitchen the Ultimate Gathering Place

Your kitchen is the heart of your home - it's a place to prepare meals and strike up conversations. With that in mind, there are steps you can take to make it as inviting and functional as possible. In this post, DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of St. Louis Park shares a few ideas to include in your kitchen quote to make your kitchen the ultimate gathering place. (more…)

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Tips for Designing a Nautical-Themed Bathroom

Do you love the look of beachy décor and dream of having a nautical-themed space in your home? You don't have to be limited by strict maritime regulations in designing one in your bathroom. In this post, expert bathroom remodeler DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of St. Louis Park shares these tips to keep in mind when planning your nautical-themed bathroom remodel. (more…)

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A Simple Guide to Home Remodeling for Empty Nesters

Your children have moved on and started their own lives or families, and now it's just you and your spouse. As empty nesters, this is a great opportunity to update your living spaces. In this post, DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of St. Louis Park, an accessible remodeling company, shares the best ways to create a beautiful and comfortable home that can grow old with you. (more…)

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Creating Calm: Five Tips for a Tranquil Bathroom

Creating a tranquil bathroom renovation design is essential for relaxation and rejuvenation. Homeowners have plenty of options to choose from when designing their dream oasis. In this blog post, renowned remodeler DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of St. Louis Park will share five tips to help you create the perfect atmosphere to unwind after a long day.  (more…)

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