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What DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen Can Do for You

At DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of St. Louis Park, we believe in enhancing lives and improving homes. To do this, we offer only the best products and services, dedicated to providing you with ethical excellence and unparalleled craftsmanship. (more…)

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The DreamMaker Process: From Conception to Completion

A home renovation is quite an undertaking, whether you're remodeling your entire house or just one room. If you've never undergone a remodel, you may be wondering what, exactly, you can expect. You likely have heard plenty of horror stories about home renovations and you may have some reservations. Rest assured, DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of St. Louis Park has the whole process down to a science. (more…)

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The Pros & Cons of 4 Popular Kitchen Layouts

The most difficult phase of a home renovation project is undoubtedly the design phase. That's because there are numerous decisions to make and so many exciting options to choose from! This is especially true in the kitchen, where multiple layouts and features are possible. (more…)

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SE Whole House
4 Telltale Signs of a Great Remodeling Company

A home remodel is a serious undertaking, whether you're putting in a new shower or gutting the whole kitchen. No matter how big or small the job is, you want it done right. That's why hiring the right bath or kitchen remodeling company is the most important consideration when you're looking to renovate your home. The wrong contractors can make your life miserable by overstaying their welcome, causing delays, reneging[...]

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Radiant Flooring Warms Up Any Bathroom

Instead of dreaming of a white Christmas, why not envision your own spa-like bathroom and enjoy warmth all over? It doesn’t have to be just a dream. Smart homes are becoming smarter and warmer. Radiant floor heating can help provide a relaxing oasis right in your own home. Imagine shutting out a hectic day with a warm bath or steam shower. Step onto heated floors and grab a warm towel[...]

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DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen Remodeling Allows for “Aging in Place”

You have heard the pitter-patter of little feet upstairs after bed time. It’s the place you raised your beautiful children. Within these four walls, your boys became men, your girls became women, and your dreams became realities. Now that your children are moving out and starting families of their own, you’ve thought about downsizing, but you just can’t. This is where you want to live the rest of your lives.[...]

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Mudrooms Have Made A Comeback

As the adage goes, April showers bring May flowers. They also bring mud, and lots of it. The kids, the dog, and even you can’t help tracking in the muck. If only you had a nifty space to shed the muddy boots and keep your newly spring-cleaned home tidy. Luckily for you, mudrooms are making a comeback. These adorable nooks are a Pinterest staple, but they also serve a very[...]

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Must-Haves and Open Concept Living

Four bedrooms, attached garage, home office…. the list goes on. When creating the perfect home, we begin the list of “must haves.” A staple with many homeowners is the ‘open concept’ kitchen. Open layouts seamlessly connect the kitchen with living and dining areas. They create the illusion of a bigger space, and are practical for families and frequent entertainers alike. The open concept serves as a central activity location, as[...]

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Mission Possible: Paperless Kitchens

Do you find yourself constantly adding “paper towels” to your grocery list? Didn’t you just buy a 12-pack at your local warehouse retail store? Growing up, it would drive my mother insane when we kids would use paper towels. When drying our hands, we’d tear off two or three paper towels from the roll. A spill on the floor? You don’t want to know! She thought buying the smaller cut[...]

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Downton Abbey Architecture & Style

The popular BBC television show, Downton Abbey, recently began its sixth season. It first aired in 2010 and after the phenomenon swept across the Atlantic Ocean, Americans soon began to decorate their homes in “Downton fashion.” In this period drama, the audience becomes a voyeur into the life of the Crawley family during the early 1900s. The setting is a large Jacobethan country home that sits on a 5,000-acre estate.[...]

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